Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wordfuse (Cooking Edition?)

I appreciate instructions, even if they're shitty. (Thanks IKEA!) But cooking is creative right? Right. Therefore why follow a recipe? (Click here if you need an example.)

I'd say a recipe is merely a suggestion. And that's why I'm a recipea-brain. To illustrate, here's my thoughtless process:

1. *Mixes half the ingredients*
2. *scans list of ingredients again* Bummer. We don't have all of this stuff. *shrugs*
3. *improvising* Cumin? Cinnamon? Basically the same right? *shrugs* Worth a try.
4. *tasting final product* This tastes like crap.
5. *announcing to my wife who has heard it all before* I totally ruined this. *inside thoughts: I'm an idiot.* *eats it anyway*


Fran Hill said...

You must, must, must write a recipe book in which all the recipes go like that. It would be more realistic than any of the others around.

triles said...

You have just described any number of my feeble attempts to cook.

I think Fran may be on to something.

Vinny C said...

Recipe? I usually just toss things into the pot like a wizard (Little explosions, poofs of colorful smoke & maniacal laughter included).

Debra She Who Seeks said...

So I guess Gordon Ramsay doesn't have to worry any time soon that you'll be stealing his Celebrity Chef crown?

Antares Cryptos said...

LOL. I'm familiar with culinary experiment. Cinnamon preserves everything.

Haven't seen you around much. Busy or starting your own reality cooking show? "How not to cook?" Catchy.

G said...

I'm exactly the same....they're just guidelines around which you improvise

Missy said...

I would like to see a recipe book writte by you also...

Unknown said...

Don't worry dbs, you get A for effort.

Alittlesprite said...

My hubby is a recipe-fiend. He will take ages to perfect it, and then follow it to the letter.

He even follows the instructions on two minute noodles.


Nicole Leigh Shaw said...

I snorted over "eats it anyway." Teehee.

Unknown said...

My wife is one of these, except her deviations from the instructions almost always work out brilliantly. So I guess she's more of a recipeak performer.

Charlie Pulsipher said...

Cinnamin in place of cumin? I am horrified and sad.

DB Stewart said...

@Fran But I only know how to cook maybe 12 things. Bummer.
@Tim Hey brother.
@VinnyC Very Harry Potter of you.
@DSWS Nope. (I feel like I should swear now to emphasize my response.)
@AC Thanks for the tip and I'm surprised your reality show premise doesn't already exist.
@G Yup.
@Missy I could probably just tweet all 12 improv recipes.
@Sarah Coming from you that sounds pretty impressive.
@alittlesprite Your hubby wants to impress you I think.
@Nicole The truth is funny I guess.
@TheHolmes Nice wordfuse.
@CP Don't be sad. Most things are edible no matter what.

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