Saturday, April 14, 2018

Sometimes you're the idiot, sometimes you're ALL the idiots.

Not long ago I quickly drove home at lunch to grab something. On the way out my back door, I must have pressed my vehicle's panic button on the fob but when I heard the noise I had no idea I was responsible. Shaking my head, I thought, some poor idiot pressed the panic button...don't they realize the neighbours have two little kids? Rounding the corner heading for my vehicle, I realized the poor idiot was me so I grabbed my keys to quickly press the panic button and deactivate the noise but what I didn't know was that I also had the keys to our other vehicle, also parked in our driveway and thus I activated another panic button. Wait, what?! With both the first and the second panic alarms now blaring alternately,  several thoughts all at once:

  1. What is happening?
  2. Who is the other idiot?
  3. PANIC.
  4. Am I the other idiot? PANIC. Press ALL THE BUTTONS NOW.
  5. More PANIC.
  6. Am I both idiots? Press ALL THE BUTTONS AGAIN.
  7. It's like I'm 96 years-old.
  9. WTF? 
And then FINALLY, quiet. Ugh. 

I wouldn't last 20 seconds in The Quiet Place
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