Monday, January 1, 2018

Fave Reads 2017

Working on another degree, I do a lot of reading. I love what I'm learning and it's rewiring my brain. But it's hard work. So it means I savour taking time away from academics just to read a few stories and inhabit some spaces that catch my eye. These are the ones I loved this year.

Terrific graphic novel.
This author loves words
and their many meanings.
Also goldfish.
And how deep a
well pain can be. 
Devoured this. Felt
stronger & more
hopeful. Felt like
resistance &
persistence. Everyone
should read this.
Illustrated philosophy.
A humble artist's voice
about how to be just
"half a shade braver."
Merricat is memorable.
And it's a little scary
to let her into your head.
She lingers, both heroic
and heinous. 
Scenes in this book
still resonate with me.
Dogs' inner narratives
reveal humanity. 

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