Friday, February 19, 2016

Dear Extroverts,

It’s true. You dominate our culture with your social swagger, your big personalities. Yet at least 4/10 people are introverts. Therefore we introverts would like to share our thoughts. First, some definitions.

Extrovert: typically an assertive, multi-tasker and risk-taker, who enjoys social situations and characteristically thinks out loud.

Introvert: typically enjoys quiet concentration, listening more than talking, thinking before speaking, and taking a cautious approach to risk.

No disrespect but since you can’t interrupt us right now, following are some specifics about us introverts.

1.       We like people but we need to be alone to recharge our batteries.
2.       We like earphones. If there were an earphone for the entire body, we would like that.
3.       Despite this, we are usually good listeners.
4.       When it comes to friendship, less is much more; this is sometimes hard for extroverts to understand.
5.       Introverts are not characteristically shy; it’s just that our default setting is quiet (usually).
6.       When people cancel social plans with us, we glow inside.
7.       Never EVER surprise us with a party.
8.       We can act like extroverts when needed but it can be exhausting.
9.       We are not afraid to lead or take control but we prefer to do so quietly.
10.   We thrive behind the scenes.
11.   Extroverts are more motivated by rewards than we are.
12.   Introverts enjoy being appreciated for what they can bring to the group rather than for who they are in the group.
13.   Widely reported famous introverts include J.K. Rowling, Clint Eastwood, and Steve Martin. So yes, cowboys and comedians can be introverts too.
14.   We do not think we are better than others; in fact, we sometimes feel shame for not being extroverted.
15.   We are dreamers; we think too much.
16.   We don’t want to be cured of this.
17.   It’s not funny when you send a stranger over to talk to us.
18.   Hermit? Don’t go there.
19.   YOLO? No.
20.   A pack of introverts is called a library. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016


Careful. It's easy to miss a perfect day. Some days are so simple they may not warrant much reflection, but I am happy to say, I absorbed everything today:

  1.  sleeping in and waking up and knowing my grown son is home.
  2.  a mid-morning nap.
  3.  a stone brought from Hawaii for me. 
  4.  eggs fried in coconut oil.
  5.  breakfast with almost everyone I love (only one missing and she comes next weekend).
  6.  next-level laughter.
  7.  warm and melty outdoors.
  8.  a long walk.
  9.  slush.
  10.  successfully avoiding that trucker's attempt to splash me hard.
  11.  a silly movie.
  12.  another (yes another!) nap.
  13.  new iTunes.
  14.  lazy cabbage rolls.
  15.  a phone call from my daughter.
  16.  this video.
  17.  canned peaches.
  18.  a hug.  
  19.  SNL.
  20.  & fresh sheets.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tam Plan

One of these hats is called a tam and one is called a flat-hat. Do you know the difference?

For years now, I've been telling people that when I grow old enough to be a grandpa, I'm going to wear a tam like my own Scottish grandpa did. Finally (FI.NAL.LY) I blathered this to the right person, a person who cared enough to school me instead of just laughing at me behind my back like I realize now countless others did, because when I shared my "tam plan," puzzled, she said, "Really? A tam? Are you sure?"

So we googled it and then we laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. Apparently, my grandfather wore a flat-hat and that's good because there's something poetic about the fact that I will eventually be an old-guy ass-hat wearing a flat-hat.
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