Friday, October 28, 2011

Things that deserve the stink-eye:

This is our kindness board.
Considering it's attached to the fridge,
our teens couldn't miss it if they tried.
But they do.


SherilinR said...

maybe they forgot how to write with pens & can only form words with keyboards.

Chrissy Peebles said...

Hello! (((((hugs)))))

It’s so awesome to visit your lovely blog today on this Halloween blog hop. I think this is an awesome opportunity to meet other authors! I’m joining your blog and I hope you’ll join mine, too, so we can learn more about one another.
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P.S. I’d love to connect with you online!
My blog link is
My Facebook link is:!/chrissy.peebles1
My twitter link is:!/ChrissyPeebles1

lynnhubbard said...

Halloween Hop!
Hi! The scariest book I've ever read was "IT". It reached deep into my subconsciousness and scared the heck out of me! For Halloween I'll be dragging out my Elmo snuggy for my couch potato costume.


karensomethingorother said...

I'd probably miss it too. The obvious eludes me often.

Alistair said...

It's probably just that a teenage grunt or a sigh is hard to spell.......

Maybe try in 148 characters or less?

Free Book Reviews said...

Halloween Hop

I want to thank Jeremy Bates for the chance to participate in this blog hop.

My Favorite monster movie - Hellraiser
My Costume - Dragon (well the wings of a dragon and the rest is my sexy self)
And I am now following this Blog (yay)

I have read quite a few of the posts on this blog and I do believe I shall
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Sub-Radar-Mike said...

Just padlock the fridge and make them write an essay for the key. ...maybe that's going a little to far though haha.

Antares Cryptos said...

It's difficult to see a kindness board with all that eye-rolling.

Vinny C said...

I know! I know! Maybe it's just a matter of updating the technology. How about a kindness status update board or a kindness tweet feed?

wendy said...

ha ha...I LOVE IT
well, maybe you need to put a lock on the fridge, and they have to put at least 2
KINDNESS things on the board
in order to get food.


Munk said...


The Gaelic Wife said...

You really say "eh?" I thought that was just some gimmic thought up by Tinseltown to differentiate between Yanks and our northern neighbors. I feel a Bob and Doug retrospective coming on.

Al Penwasser said...

Attach some car keys or an iPod to it.

Charlie Pulsipher said...

Sherilin is right. You need a kindness text-board.

"Text your kind words to **87monkey now to win not having to clean your room!"

TTORIA said...


Passing through for the Halloween blog hop!

I'm not really a fan of anything horror related to be honest. I used to be, but the movie Halloween H20 scarred me for life! I won't be dressing up this year until the late celebrations in November...haven't decided what to go as yet

Great blog :-)


Shelley Workinger said...

Happy Halloween Hop, dbs! Glad to *meet* you and thanks for the laugh. Good to know that all the ignoring my 4- and 6-year-olds are doing now will pay off and they will be professional ignorers in just a few short years ;)

Laoch of Chicago said...

One loves the idea of a kindness board. Kindness is after all, the most important currency.

Shana said...

My kid would miss it too

Claire Beynon said...

Your kindness comments will be working a whole lot of magic all of and on their own, dbs, regardless of whether your darlings appear to be looking past them or not responding in text? I love that you have this board on your fridge ; )

Jim said...

Parents of teenagers deserve all the kindness they can get!

Teachinfourth said...

Was it used by anyone else after your message?

The Holmes said...

That is funny. Get any reaction?

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