Thursday, March 8, 2012

Things that are most likely the devil:

Once upon a time I enjoyed TV. Seriously enjoyed it. Looking back on my childhood years I could create a lengthy timeline detailing most of The Bionic Man's life but as for the Prime Minister then, I only vaguely recall that he gave someone the finger on, you guessed it, TV. Even crappy TV mesmerized me. To this day a German shepherd makes me think Littlest Hobo (classic Canadian propaganda). There are more music videos stored in my brain than life strategies.

Are you thinking, why is he admitting how stupid he is?

Uh, I'm wondering that too. Anyway, things have changed a lot since then. Sort of.

It all started over a decade ago the time my little family and I went without TV for about a year. Despite being raised on television, I managed not to die. But something else died that year. I lost my stamina. Plus my kids ruined it. Eventually, I enjoyed my battle with them for the remote control more than actually having the control. Soon I was watching their shows. So with the exception of one or two series, I lost my will for it. Essentially this: meh.

Successively, over the years, this trend continued. I gave up on sitcoms altogether. Don't freak out peeps but I can't quote much Seinfeld. Reality TV intrigued me and still does sometimes but most of my likes have been forgotten like the leather ties I once owned.

And then it happened. We got PVR. (Some call it DVR or TiVo.) At first I couldn't manage to program anything so no big whoop. But through the commercials...never miss an TV when I want to...pause live TV? Booyah! PVR made me love TV again.

And then I discovered PVR's dark dark underbelly.

There are two types of people: 1. Those who make lists; 2. Those who don't. The way I see it, people with lists often get stressed. Obsessive even. I base this on reliable research aka I once made lists but that ended a long time ago. Why? I went nuts. Well guess what? PVR makes lists for me. For a while I had 7 episodes of Top Chef. What's a guy to do? I can't handle that sort of stress. I CAN'T. So I watched them. All. Of. Them. Until my eyes fell out.

My teachers warned me that TV would turn my mind to mush. I'd like to refute that but I don't have time: I have to go watch 19 episodes of The Big Bang Theory.


Mel said...

I could barely finish reading this post because I am still reeling from the fact that you volunarily quit wearing your leather ties!!! The 80's are back, baby!
Also, DVR makes me crazy in that I feel compelled to watch things because I get great satisfaction from deleting them, AKA checking them off my list.
Yep, mush brain.

karensomethingorother said...

You've pretty much summed up my tv life since having kids too, you know. But, I don't have PVR...yet...

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I used to watch TV but then I took up blogging.

Al Penwasser said...

So you quit TV for a year and you can't quote Seinfeld.
Yadda, yadda yadda.
No soup for you.

Paul McCormick said...

I love The Big Bang Theory! I just buy the seasons though, so I can watch them at my leisure and don't feel like have to to watch them all at once.

On another related note, I watched Survivor for the first time last night. Never doing that again. What a bunch of obnoxious whiners who simply have no honor whatsoever.

Those were my two thoughts while reading your post. That is all...

Antares Cryptos said...

This is what we've been missing out on: talentless unreality, reality tv.

More importantly, is it just me or does it feel like Friday?

Some really spectacular solar flares.

I need to buy some grammar juice.

Vinny C said...

Mrs. C won't let me get a DVR...

Basically for the same reasons you described. I mostly gave up on TV over a year ago myself... Then 'The Walking Dead' came along.

Pickleope said...

Yeah, PVR/DVR seems like it simplifies life, but oh no, it just subtly steals more time. I had to learn to sadly budget time in trade of the glory that is commercial skipping.

Jim said...

This sounds so like me and my relationship with TV! If it wasn't for DVR/PVR I wouldn't be watching too much either. But it DOES give us some control over the BEAST!!!!

wendy said...

ha ha..that devil is sneaky.
PVR is wonderful...and evil, all at the same time.
My list of shows to "catch up on" gets to be to much sometimes.

truthfully...there isn't really that many shows I am TOTALLY in love with anyway.

Alistair said...

You strike a chord with many on this.

There's no doubt that TV needs close cntrol and that crap TV can suck your life away if you're not careful.

I'm not careful too often for my own good. But sometimes I'm self righteous too!

Probably not having kids helped on that score!

Have a good weekend.

Michael said...

My dear wife has 12 (at least) episodes of Hoarders. She doesn't see the mirror action going on.

Mrs4444 said...

That drives me crazy, too. It also drives me a little nutty that my husband gets overwhelmed by the list (even the shows that aren't his) and starts deleting them!

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