Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This is my hood.

Look who followed my brother home to have breakfast with us this morning.

Born very recently (perhaps yesterday) and apparently much too late in the season, it seems this tiny runt of a deer was abandoned. My brother found it standing on the road and when he reached out the fawn ran right over to him. He waited for the doe but she did not appear.

Starving and trembling but otherwise seemingly uninjured, it roused after a bottle of milk and took a tentative walk in his farmyard and then up onto his deck with its impossibly dainty legs. Suddenly it seemed to remember it was wild and attempted to bolt, so my brother returned it to the spot where he found it.

Yup. It's just another day on a farm in Saskatchewan.


Vinny C said...

Wow. All I have in my (new) backyard are lizards the length of my forearm.

Oilfield Trash said...

My grand parents used to have that happen all the time on their farm.

Steve Bailey said...

Thats pretty cool.... all I have downtown Portland is drunk homeless people stumbling into my yard!

SherilinR said...

that's way more exciting than when the neighbor's fat cat comes up on our porch looking for snacks. so cute!

Core Contrarian said...

Trade you hoods!

Laoch of Chicago said...


Mel said...

Okay, everybody, we'll go on, two, three, "AWWWWWWWW"!

karensomethingorother said...

that story is DISNEY-TACULAR! How cute!

Alittlesprite said...

omg.. so cute!
He didn't just leave it there did he? He took it to an animal rescue shelter? :( *big sad eyes*

Windsmoke. said...

Bambi is alive and well in your neck of the woods which is good to see :-).

diana | nessreen said...

That's the cutest thing ever.

Pickleope said...

I'm really thankful it wasn't "look what we HAD FOR breakfast". That would have been a drastically different post. Very cool as is.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hate to say this but now that he's handled it, the mother will never take it back. It's always best to leave baby deer alone. Often the mother is just back in the brush or somewhere.

Sorry to leave such a downer comment, but it's true. Same thing goes for baby bunnies. Leave them alone!

Amy said...

What a cool thing to have happen. Wonder if he/she will come back to visit?

wendy said...

OH.....cute little thing. I hope it is ok now.
did your bro say "run Bambi run?"
we have noticed around here a LACK of coyotes this year.

(I had to go back a catch up on your posts, how the crap did I get so far behind??)

Nubian said...


dbs said...

@Vinny That sounds cool too actually.
@OT It's quite common here too I think.
@Steve Whoa. Not good.
@SherilinR I agree.
@CC Nope. Well, maybe.
@LoC Yes, quite a suprise.
@Mel That's what everybody here did too.
@karen Disney-esque for sure.
@sprite No animal shelters here, sadly. We suspect the mother abandoned it because of its late birth and size.
@Windsmoke Bambi lives indeed.
@Diana Adorable.
@Pickleope Ha!
@DSWS I believe you are correct.
@amy & wendy We hope so too.
@nubian My daughter said the same thing.

Shockgrubz said...

Lucky! It'd be awesome to care for a fawn!

I like your blog. Followed.

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