Friday, July 1, 2011

This is my hood.

Pay attention. Celebrate.
There's something about fireworks. Even from your balcony far away when you can't be at the celebration.

Where I live fireworks don't begin until almost midnight because at that time, the summer sun is finally setting. When I moved way, way north two decades ago, the remarkably late setting sun amazed me. It still makes me pay attention. In early July, I can be fishing at ten o'clock. I can be boating down the river at 11:00. I can read a book on my balcony until almost midnight.

Happy birthday Canada. Love you.


Oilfield Trash said...

At least you will be getting fireworks. Most of the places here in Texas have banned them.

Sarah said...

Happy Canada Day!

triles said...

Enjoy all that extra sunshine-you guys deserve it up there.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Have a great Canada Day with friends and family!

Kev D. said...

I'm south of the border now, but I'll still be celebrating!

I started Canada Day week in style by seeing SLOAN on Tuesday at a TINY club in Cambridge.

Munk said...

I thought the image you posted was a picture of pollen.

Claire Beynon said...

Happy Canada Day, yes!

In response to your tender post -

Take a small boat
down the river, fish
in the rain, cherish
the green moss, love
the waters that offer us
their purity.
Love the waters.

Antares Cryptos said...

Happy Canada day to you and yours.

I'll never outgrow fireworks.

karensomethingorother said...

ah, I haven't been to see any in ages sadly. My little maniacs are WAY too grouchy if they stay up late.

Windsmoke. said...

Fireworks are spectacular and colourful any time of the year and enjoyed by the everyone :-).

Al Penwasser said...

Happy Canada Day!!!!
When I lived in Iceland, we didn't see a whole lot of fireworks except on New Year's Eve. For two reasons:
1. Never got dark in July.
2. Which was pointless anyway, because the Icelanders don't celebrate the 4th of July or Canada Day.
But, they DO put on a helluva show.

@OT: Probably a lot of fireworks at the border, I would expect.
@Munk: I thought it was a dandelion gone to the fuzzy stage

DB Stewart said...

@OT That's too bad. Have a great 4th of July anyway.
@SL Same to you.
@Tim Yes we do. Thank you.
@DSWS You too!
@KevD Niiiice.
@Munk Ha! Grainy iPod photo of fireworks from my balcony.
@Claire Thank you. I do love the waters.
@AC Thanks. Glad to hear it.
@karen Go anyway.
@Windsmoke Yes they are.
@AP ICELAND! On my bucket list!

Mrs. Tuna said...

Gets dark here in Arizona around 8:30, fireworks scheduled for around 9. We can sit in our cul de sac and watch them from a nearby display. The best.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Canada Day.

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