Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wordfuse (The Guide Blog Award)

guide dog + blog = Guide Blog (noun): a blog that assists other bloggers by providing much-needed direction, guidance or steerage; capable of helping us change course so as to lead us to a better place, and even if just for a short time helps us all feel not so alone; the ever dependable blogger's best friend.*

I've been blogging for less than a year and I'm so happy Chelle (a true guide blogger) recommended it. It saved my sanity. It was exactly what I needed. Just before I joined this world, I had been thinking about keeping a journal again. I needed something to help me sort through my ever-more-jumbled thinking. For a big chunk of my 20s I kept one but it wasn't creative enough for me and I was too stupid then to realize that I could make it more than a journal. Blogging is the solution that treats my life (my teen daughter's phrase).

Over this past year I relished my blogging experiences and the bloggers who likewise love it: writers, artists, ranters, teachers, questioners, goofs, comics, armchair philosophers and more. People wanting to connect to the virtual ethos and just ride it like a surfer. Dare I say, I found my peeps? And they feed my fire: creative people, people with raw, honest voices, people who make me think and definitely make me laugh too. This is my criteria for all the blogs I follow.

Some days, someone's post was just exactly what I needed. In my opinion, those are guide blogs. Those seeing-eye blogs pointed me in a better direction, even when I didn't know I needed one. And so to thank them, I present my wordfuse blogger award to ten of so many (in no particular order) and recommend that you experience some of their posts, especially these ones that over this year, took me where I really needed to go:

Blog O Cheese

As Vinny C's It

Ninja Mom

all writey then

Didactic Pirate



Highway 10 Revisited


Buggin Word

*It was so hard to choose just ten. This post may have a part two.


Alittlesprite said...

I know I have been inspired many times by reading your words. I'm glad you happened upon my page that day hommie :)

Laoch of Chicago said...

I always look forward to reading your blog. You always have something innovative and clever to say. Happy almost New Year.

Vinny C said...

Aw, shucks. From this goof to a great teacher, thanks. I'm honored.

Chelle said...

I knew you'd love blogging. Also, your blog is awesome. :D

Chelle said...

I'm also glad you've found Laoch!

Molly said...

Hey thank you. And for loving that post in particular.
Glad you found me, glad I found you and glad to check out your other recommendations, I'm in need of new reads.

Elly Lou said...

That's me! Guiding the blogging world to more vagina posts. Ahem.

I owe Chelle a margarita for sucking you into our world. Or seven.

Kimber Leszczuk. said...

I read several of the ones you have rewarded! I love them too - they are great! I am going to check out the ones I hadn't heard of yet.

Mrs. Tuna said...

As a new blogger as well, I can understand the support we get for our random musings. Have a great new year, here's to more blogging.

paulsifer42 said...

What a cool award. If I could give it to you, I totally would. I don't mean to get all sentimental here, but you were the first person to "follow" my blog that wasn't my sister or former coworker. I think you were the first to comment and welcome me to blogging too. Thanks for being my Guid Blog.

Tim Riley said...

Great idea! I just finished checking out your recommendations, and you're right, they're all cool blogs. Time to add to my blog roll.

Cheeseboy said...

Oh my goodness - the coolest blog award I have ever received. I mean, I once got an award called the "taking names and kicking ass award", but this one is pretty darned awesome.

I love coming here too. Always a pleasure.

SherilinR said...

oo, i like the idea of guide blogs. hmm... maybe i might one day strive to be such a persona if i'd stop writing about embarrassing or stupid stuff. but those are what i do best. hmmm.

The Gaelic Wife said...

Darn it! Why did you give me such great suggestions for other blog sites right when my blogging days will be slowing down significantly?

Artist and Geek said...

Dbs-I'm so glad I found your guide blog, never know what to expect. Cleverness, humor and intelligence are too rare and highly underrated. Same with your recommended blogs and fellow commentators.

Peace, love and happiness to all in the New Year. (I did not say that out loud?)

Dammit, I hate this season.

Artist and Geek said...

P.S. "Blogging as a solution that treats life". Clever. The apple...

Chelle said...

Don't worry Elly. I'll just go ahead and have 7 margaritas... however if you're providing 'em, I won't fight you.

Word Verification: dumses.

dbs said...

@Alittlesprite Thank you. I'm glad I did too. You make me laugh and your photographs are beautiful.
@LoC Thank you. I'd say you're the inspiring one.
@VinnyC No. Thank you.
@Chelle You are the teacher; I am the student. (I knew that was going to happen with you.)
@Molly I love the simplicity of your blog: honest voice + amazing photos.
@Elly Lou You are one of a kind.

@KL Thank you. I really enjoy your funny, exhuberant posts.
@Mrs.Tuna Yes. Here's to more.
@paul I really enjoy your blog too. You remind me of myself in my 20s.
@TR Thanks fellow bibliophile.
@Cheeseboy I appreciate the enthusiasm in your blog, and your hilariousness.
@sherilin I love embarassing and stupid stuff. Don't change.
@TGW Check them out when you can.
@A&G Thank you so much. Peace.

Nicole said...

I just kicked out the last of our holiday visitors and here I am feeling guilty about being behind on your blog. Now? Guiltier. Thanks Catholic upbringing!

DBS: Ditto. And thanks. If I could hug you, I would.

dbs said...

@Nicole Yes, believe me, I can relate. And no need to thank me.

May said...

This is the first blog award I have ever gotten. It may be my only ever blog award and I'm fine with that because this is so great. I feel bashful and blushful. Thank you.

dbs said...

@May You're welcome. I sincerely appreciate your writing.

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