Wednesday, December 15, 2010


     I just finished reading Neil Pasricha's Book of Awesome, a book inspired by the website 1000 Awesome Things. Intended to celebrate the little joys in life, it cites such awesome things as bakery air, the last crumbly triangle of potato chips at the bottom of the bag, the way old people smile at little kids, sweatpants, and laughing so hard you make no sound at all. I'm still pondering bakery air. Sorry but it just makes me all gushy with happiness inside.
     Definitely a pick-me-up, that book inspired my own quick list as follows, in no particular order: 
  • Scorching hot deep-fried fish & chips from a street vendor. Awesome!
  • Opening a bill and discovering that it's much lower than expected. Awesome!
  • Checking off the items on the to-do list in your brain. Example? Replacing our old deck: check! Taking that off my list last summer felt so satisfying. This feels especially good when the dreaded task takes less time than anticipated. Awesome!
  • When someone you love rubs Vicks Vapo-rub on your congested chest. Awesome!
  • Rubbing your feet together under the covers. Awesome!
  • Snowmobiling on a not-too-warm-but-not-too-cold, sunny winter day. Awesome!
  • When something does not take as long as you thought it would, like a meeting. Awesome!
  • Surprise chocolate. Awesome!
  • Chinooks...such a warm reprieve from winter in Northern Alberta. Awesome!
  • When your kids do something unexpected that makes you proud. Awesome!
  • Ice cubes. I couldn't live without them. Awesome!
  • When your wife needs you for some reason that is not annoying. Awesome!
  • Fixing or installing something yourself and then guess what? It works. Awesome!
  • Cooking something that people actually enjoy and ask for another day. Awesome!
  • Unexpected sports prowess. My son's Junior High boys basketball team once challenged the parents in a game and I survived! (That's as good as it get for me folks.) Awesome!
  • When someone recommends your blog. (Like maybe you'd appreciate Oh For the Love of Blog or From Inbetween or maybe Counterintuitivity.) Or thanks you for retweeting her. Awesome!
  • Making others feel good about themselves. Awesome!
  • Controlling your emotions. And keeping quiet when you want to say something that probably won't help. I love it when I can resist these urges. Awesome!
  • Learning the secrets behind magic tricks. (My son is really into magic tricks right now and after he surprises me, he reveals how it works.) Awesome!
  • When you suddenly feel skinnier. Awesome!
  • When you share a smile with another guilty stranger trying to surreptitiously buy chips and dill-pickle dip at the grocery store. Awesome!
  • The perfect comedy clip on television that makes you laugh so hard you can barely breathe and this experience is even more awesome when you share it with someone in your family while everyone else looks at the two of you like you are insane. Awesome!
  • When someone really gets you. Awesome!
  • When someone you love sings (on or off tune). Awesome!
  • When someone you love plays the guitar for you. Awesome!
  • When you don't have to groom yourself. I love it when I don't have to shave. Awesome!
  • When someone takes the time to make sure you receive their copy of a book because they truly believe you were meant to read that book. Awesome! (Thanks Megan.)


Nicole Leigh Shaw said...

The cooking one is my favorite. I know I'm about to have one of those meals when the Hubster eats everything on his plate before saying a word. That word is usually, "yes."

Artist and Geek said...

You want me to read all of this???...............Awesome!

Being greeted at the door. Awesome!
Referring post to people who are pre-Xmas grumpy. Awesome!
Word Verification: decon. Awesome!
I have ten fingers. Awesome!
Mundane things are awesome reminder: Priceless!


Sandra said...

Love all the awesomeness. Wish I had Chinooks in these cold Winnipeg winters...not having them: not awesomenesss.

Unknown said...

I wasn't 100% sure what you meant on my blog, but now I get it. YES! Gaming is on my awesome list. AS a side note, I love this idea of making an awesome list. I think we're too negative.

DB Stewart said...

@Nicole I will eat almost anything and I know my wife appreciates that. She seems to enjoy most of my creations too.
@A&G Pre-Christmas grumpy = awesome. Why? The Grinch needed to be the Grinch before he grew a heart. There's no point to the Scrooge unless there's a transformation. Yin and yang. Oh, and should be thankful for ten fingers. I had an uncle...
@Sandra I wish I could send you a chinook.
@paulsifer42 Read the book. Make a list. Dare to be positive. We all need that message sometimes.

Alittlesprite said...

Your awesome list is awesome!
My hubby loves to rub vicks vapor rub on my chest. I only have to sneeze and he comes running with the tub of ointment. I don't think it is because he is concerned for my health.

Vinny C said...

think.stew. Awesome!

By coincidence, I was just thinking this morning about how awesome it is when I check the pockets before I throw a pair of jeans in the wash & find money I didn't know I had.

Missy said...

This is an awesome post! Love!

DB Stewart said...

@alittlesprite I bet you're right.
@VinnyC That is awesome. And thanks.
@Missy Back at you.

Charlotte said...

Does eggsnog not make the list? ;)

Anonymous said...
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