Sunday, June 16, 2013

Than You (Repost)

How one teen I know
labels a card for his Dad. Hmmm.
Everyone has a father. Or had one. You might look just like him. You might have his eyebrows or his cleft chin. Or his eyes. Or maybe not. Maybe he isn't even related to you. Maybe your Mom found a better one for you. Maybe you had to pick him.

You can honor him one way: by becoming the best person you can be. (You can also give him chocolate chips, hugs, a back-scratcher and an ice-cream cake from Dairy Queen, or you can insert your own idea here, but mostly just become a good person.) Show some respect. A little goes a long way. Believe me.

You can also honor him by thinking about him because if he's a good father he thinks about you. All. The. Time. Even and especially when you wish he wouldn't, when you wish he would just cut you some slack. Because fathers can be annoying. Or demanding. Or disappointing. Or unreasonable at times. We aren't perfect. We're human. But the majority of us are doing the best we can, so shouldn't you too?

So think about your father. Think about the good moments. Those were the moments he was investing in you. (There were many moments behind the scenes you may never even know about.) Sure, maybe he didn't always invest in the ways you wanted, maybe he invested more money than time, maybe he invested more in demands than in diversions. Maybe this, maybe that. Someday you'll know things you don't know now and someday you'll know just how complicated life can be. Try to forgive him for the mistakes he made. Try. If he's a good father, he's forgiven you at least once for every sunset you've shared.

Think gratitude. Collage it in your mind. Or write it down. Or better yet, make art in all the things that you do. Thank him. Kiss him on the cheek. Engage him in a talk. Ask his advice. Invite him to walk by the river. Make him laugh. Come home when he told you to. Do something without being asked. Listen. Make your words match your actions. But above all this: become the best person you can. And then say, "Look at me Dad" because he loves that. Believe me. There's nothing more tasty for his eyes than you. Than you.


Sultan said...

Good post.

CLR said...

Perfectly wonderful.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Great post! Wishing you a wonderful Father's Day today!

Al Penwasser said...

I think about my father. He wasn't a good man.
Then, I think about my stepfather. He was a good man.
And my dad.
Happy Father's Day, my friend!

Adam said...

happy father's day

neal call said...

There's something powerful about recognizing just how tough it can be to try to raise someone, that even someone who mostly tries can manage to screw things up, be misunderstood, fail to connect. Forgiving, and showing gratitude, inspires the same from the person you give it too. It makes everyone's heart bigger; it redirects a relationship towards goodness. Thanks, I connect with this.

wendy said...

Ya know, most of the time your posts are short and always make me laugh,
but when you express yourself so well and seem to say all the perfect things.
I really enjoyed this.

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