Monday, September 1, 2014

Some People.

Stumps are trees too.
"When you have seen one ant, one bird, one tree you have not seen them all." 
~Edward O. Wilson

I think the same would apply to people, don't you? I hope you think so too. Because, thankfully, someone

eventually steps up,
steps in,
sees it differently and says so,
says what needs to be said,
says enough,
shuts down negativity,
reminds us, "not everything is about you,"
finally says what everyone was thinking,
finally cuts through the crap,
takes the lead (and inspires several other someones),
takes the time to actually listen,
squeezes our shoulders just when we need a bit of courage,
lets in all the fresh air so everyone can breathe again,
is vulnerable enough to be honest,
admits to being wrong,
takes responsibility (even when someone else probably should),
forgives it all,
says yes or says no,
as needed,
and both are absolutely right.

(you might not even suspect)
changes everything,
changes me,
changes you,
changes us all.

Are you someone?

1 comment:

Michael Burrows said...

The fields, the mountains, the flowers, and my body are the voice of the bird. What is left that can be said to hear?
-Japanese laywoman Asan

---> I can get your posts by email now! Yay!

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