Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Good Examples

For many years I was fond of offering this advice from John Mason: "you were born an original; don't die a copy."

I still believe this to be sound advice. Too many young people copy those making the most "noise" and in doing so gain attention and notoriety yet miss something glaringly conscious to the rest of us who have exited that silly phase: noise can be downright pointless.

And yet, now I think something beyond this quote too: some people are just good examples. In those cases, I say go ahead and "copy" as needed.


Vinny C said...

That's good advice. Personally, I think my "original" needs a little external influence.

By the way, doesn't the guy at Blogger who photographs people's house numbers for their Captcha worry that he might get arrested for stalking one day? The thought just occurred to me and has nothing to do with the post whatsoever, I'm afraid.

Michael Burrows said...

this is a good example of how to learn something and then forget it.

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