Friday, January 24, 2014

Grapes, etc.

At least once, shouldn't everyone get their very own miracle? Like some really immense-amazing-astonishing epic-event-experience that alters-mend-transforms everything? A blockbuster moment?

That’d be cool. And to answer that question, yes. But no too. No.

Stop waiting for cloud 9. Because while you’re waiting, clouds 1-8 already drifted by.  And look, there went another one.

Albert Einstein said, ““There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” I completely agree. Sometimes every ugly once-in-a-while nothing much seems like a miracle to me. I admit it. But usually, I choose to choose the other way. I choose to see the wonder, the phenomenon, the divine, whatever you want to call it. I guess what I’m saying is marvel at the marvels or you’ll lose your marbles. Miracles are particularly easy to find if you decide to look for them. Some examples:

1. Grapes turn into wine. Miracle. (More like science but still.)
2. Grapes turn into raisins. Miracle. (Again, science, but still.)
3. Grapes. Miracle. (Boom.)
4. Most of the snow melts in January. Miracle. (Er, more like climate change but still.)
5. Your dental appointment is cancelled. Miracle. (Maybe a coincidence but still.)
6. Discover forgotten chocolate. Miracle. (Maybe just forgetful but still.)
7. Didn’t completely screw up your kids. Miracle of miracles!
8. People read this. Miracle. (Seriously.)
9. Air-conditioning. Miracle. (For those three weeks in June? Totally.)
10. Someone pretty and cool and pretty cool married you. Miracle. (Admit it.)


Vinny C said...

Agreed. Especially for number 10. Also, how could the fact that bacon, ham and pork all come from the same animal not be considered a miracle?

Ken said...

Don't wait for the miracles to come along, go out and find them!

Word to live by indeed!!

Adam said...

my dentist has plenty of miracles

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Makes me think of that song "I believe in miracles." Now I can't get it out of my head. Is that a miracle too?

Rubye Jack said...

Being broke at the end of the month, and $20 shows up in the empty washer. Miracle.

Pickleope Von Pickleope said...

Have you ever tried frozen grapes? Go ahead, put some in the freezer, leave them for a couple hours, then enjoy straight out of the freezer. Those are a miracle.

CLR said...

I couldn't agree more. I too, have those spells of miracleless meandering, and it is no way to live. I am thankfully back in the miracle-seeking business and loving every miraculous minute of it.

Mel said...

I could not agree more. It can be hard some days to keep your head in that space, but I choose the miracle view.

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