Sunday, December 4, 2011

Things one should never outgrow:


Ever played Scribblish? I highly recommend it.

Each player begins by choosing a caption (from a list) and writes it on the game piece. Game pieces are then randomly switched. Silently, that player then draws a picture to go with the caption. Once complete, more random switching occurs, then that player writes the new caption for that drawing (without seeing the original caption or previous drawing). More switching ensues then another player draws the picture for that caption and so on. After four drawings/captions, players look at the last drawing to guess which drawing belongs with their original caption. Hasbro explains it much better here.

There's a way to get points but the best part for us was unrolling the drawings to see how ideas were interpreted (misinterpreted) and images progressed (regressed).

Below's an example I found funny. The original caption is first but remember, as the game continues, the player did not see the previous interpretation.

Original caption &  first drawing:
Look! The banana learned how to pole vault!
Caption given by another player to this drawing:
My bacon rocked the track meet!
Caption given to the next drawing by another player:
 Bacon wins gold at the Pork Olympics!
And so on: Bacon places 1st overall, 
seriously kicking some snowman ass!


Vinny C said...

Games are fun. Never tried this one, though.

Also, I detect a distinct fascination with bacon here.

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

Bacon always wins, it's the general rule of the internet.

Chelle said...

We love this game.

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