Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Reads

I like to list my top ten favourite reads each December but most of my reading was work-related this year, thus I only have five. Sadly. Next year I hope there will be more.

Mark Haddon writes in his essay from Stop What You're Doing And Read This!, "select the right words and put them in the right order and you can run a cable into the hearts of strangers; strangers in China, strangers not yet born." That, for me, is a powerful truth about books. These books built cables into my heart this year.
A series of essays explore
why we love to read.

Odd, compelling,
touching characters.

has imagery I'll never
get out of my head.

Funny, honest, quick
read that stays with you.
Trumps romanticism.

Teaches about orphans
in Nepal but it's also
a coming-of-age
for all men young and


Pickleope said...

I haven't read any of these. I love being exposed to new literature. Thanks!

triles said...

Love the Haddon quote. These all sound great. Thanks for the suggestions-adding them to my to-read list.

Al Penwasser said...

Most of my Top Ten reads were from the backs of cereal boxes.

Sultan said...

Cool, thanks for posting this.

G said...

very cool - happy new year!

Chris said...

I see references to "The Sisters Brothers" everywhere. Is it really that good?

DB Stewart said...

@Chris Yes. I really think it is. It's sort of like Cormac McCarthy but with humour.

Alittlesprite said...

I am happy to say I was astounded by many books I read this year... it was a good year :)

Mrs4444 said...

It seems we share an eclectic style of book reading. Currently in my pile: an adolescent fiction book, a parenting book, a grammar book, a religious book, and Coming of Age in Mississippi. Thanks for the recommendations.

Chelle said...

Oh, I'm glad you read the Sisters Brothers.

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