Friday, February 25, 2011

Do Over Day

Or do I?
Apparently February 26 is Do Over Day. Well, I think it's Do Over Day. Some of the links seem to be dated or broken. Maybe the Do Over people lost their funding or something? See if you can determine what happened if it really matters to you. Anyway, I like the concept so whether it's actually a holiday or not, I'm pondering the do over.

Apparently there are two ways to celebrate Do Over Day: make it a day to right a past "wrong" or make it a celebration of a past "right." In other words, if we can imagine the regrets we'd like to change about our past, maybe we could also acknowledge what we've done right and celebrate it again. For example, this could be an opportunity to mend some long overdue injustice or perhaps renew wedding vows. Therefore, there are two questions to be asked:

  1. What wrongdoings would you correct? 
  2. Which of your best choices would you celebrate with a do over?

First, the wrongdoings. Hmm. What would I do over?


You might be thinking this means I have no regrets. Absolutely not true. I regret most things. Almost every day. I can't help it. I'm an anxious person. In fact, I regret what I ate for supper earlier this evening. The problem is that I'm hesitant to, you know, go there. In fact, I'm now regretting mentioning the entire thing.

*more crickets* *anxious face*

Uh, so then to avoid this awkwardness, what would I celebrate with a do over?


Maybe my kids' births? *remembering my wife repeatedly tearing the hair from my chest...the blood...a cream-cheese-like substance...cutting that mongo-huge umbilical cord* Nope.*stink eye face* 

*more crickets*

Yup. I guess this is why Do Over day died.'s a better idea: if there's more than one way to define Do Over Day, maybe there are three ways. That's why I am now pondering a list of regrets I would like OTHER PEOPLE to do over. *evil smile*


Anne said...

This is awesomeness!

Al Penwasser said...

My do-over: I would rethink my decision to buy my kids that cricket farm. You may not have to walk them, but those damn bugs keep you awake at night.
Jiminy, my ass.

dbs said...

@Anne Thanks Anne.
@AP Ha! But maybe it's your conscience making those noises? Just sayin.

Chelle said...

I am trying to forget the big thing I'd "do over". So I am not partaking.

Ha. Take that, Do-Over day.

Homemaker Man said...

I would not say that one thing I said that was heard by the one person that shouldn't have heard it.

manders said...

i'd like to think i wouldn't do anything over. not because i haven't made any mistakes, but because i have learned from those mistakes. so instead of wishing for "do over"s, i just have "never do again"s.

Antares Cryptos said...

You had too much ice cream, didn't you?

Oilfield Trash said...

Awesome post.

I have way too many things I would like a do over with.

dbs said...

@Chelle I am not partaking either.
@HM I've been there too man.
@manders That's a very good idea.
@AC Ha! Yup!
@OT Ditto.

G said...

My do-over day would be not getting caught in the shower block with the directors PA...but then again it taught me a lot lol

karensomethingorother said...

ew...I wouldn't do ANY of it over--what; I'm going to wash the dishes better so that dried on OAT isn't there the next time?
Oh wait, not philosophical enough. Mmkay, I'd try to NEVER be SCREAMING IDIOT MOM, and I'd make more time for cocktails! There!

p.s. you have a newspaper column? Me so jealous!

dbs said...

@G Ha! There should be awards for TMI because that deserves one!
@karensomethingorother Cocktails do help, don't they? And yes, I have a newspaper column but I live in a remote corner of Canada which, uh, probably explains how I got that gig. *suddenly feels deflated*

Mrs4444 said...

I've read questions like this in the past and always thought, "I wouldn't do a thing differently." In light of the last 11 days, though, I have begun to question a lot, including my choice of career. There is a slight chance that I might need a do-over in that regard (though I sure hope not).

Alittlesprite said...

I have no idea what I'd do over. Everything that comes to mind seems like way to much effort right now (yeah, I've had a long day) :)

Vinny C said...

Quite a few things come to mind that I'd like to do over. But only if I get to keep the good stuff that may have come out of the chaos.

Otherwise, I'll take my chances.

Michael said...

"That's why I am now pondering a list of regrets I would like OTHER PEOPLE to do over."

THAT'S what I'm talking about!

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