Monday, December 13, 2010


thingamadiscombobulator (noun): thingamabob + discombobulate = an object at first quite puzzling and difficult to name or even comprehend but whose function becomes clear after the initial period of confusion, yet likely remains unnameable. These objects may be odd or disturbing or creepy or even beautiful but they always inspire wonder, just like art should. (Long story short: they make you go huh.) See the very thingamadiscombobulating Moggit for more examples of intriguing idiot-genius.
Did the lamp melt? No.
(Apparently it's a rug. Huh.)

Possible synonyms: 
  1. thingamadiscombobsyourunclators;
  2. whatchayourguessisasgoodasmineamajig;
  3. *shrugs* I don't frickin know.


Alittlesprite said...

Like Chihuahuas...
"OH!, It's a DOG..."

paulsifer42 said...

That is one sweet lamp/rug. If I had room, and didn't worry about my carpet catching on fire, I'd buy one.

Vinny C said...

Yeah I've seen the stuff on moggit. "Huh" just about covers it.

The Gaelic Wife said...

What's with the cord? Is it a heated rug? Should I put my head in the cone-thingy and wrap the rug around me? I am NOT going to tell you what I thought it might be before I read the caption.

Artist and Geek said...

Shorter and easier to pronounce.

dbs said...

@Alittlesprite Yup.
@paulsifer42 It confuses me too.
@VinnyC It's an odd little collection, isn't it?
@TGW Do tell.
@A&G Dude. You just trumped my whole post. I hate you and admire you at the same time. ;(
If you're wondering about the emoticon I just used, well it's a, uh, thingamadiscombobulator. Take that!

Artist and Geek said...

dbs. DUDE! The admiration is mutual!

The Gaelic Wife said...

Suffice it to say that this is a family-oriented internet.

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