Monday, March 8, 2010

What should everyone know how to do?

1. How to listen.
2. How to tell a good story.
3. How to make perfect macaroni and cheese.
4. How to ask someone for a date.
5. How to shake hands.
6. How to change a tire.
7. How to smooch.
8. How to hold a baby.
9. How to read.
10. How to do something musical.
11. How to build a fire.
12. How to handle a skid.
13. How to say no.
14. How to show respect.
15. How to express gratitude.
16. How to apologize.
17. How to forgive.
18. How to talk with your eyes to the one you love most.
19. How to think for yourself and how to think twice.
20. How to eat chocolate (slowly).
21. How to give.
22. How to play a game or sport.
23. How to have a poker face.
24. How to show how you really feel.
25. How to accept what’s hard.
26. How to fight for what’s right.
27. How to keep promises.
28. How to appreciate your own foibles.
29. How to save a life (it’s easier than you think.)
30. How to hear your own drum.


t i m said...

I answered yes to about 14 of those so I’m just about on the cusp of being wholesome.

Time to work on my inadequacies... eventually.

Chelle said...

31. How to drive a big, awesome smashing machine.

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