Thursday, March 4, 2010

What could heaven be like?

Riding on a ski lift not long ago, I closed my eyes and stopped to reflect on where I was and what I was doing. It was one of those being-in-the-moment moments.

What was I thinking?

Sometimes, when life slows down in a special place for just a few moments, clarity results. We all have these places in our lives. Places where time seems slower and more precious and more full somehow. Places where nothing else matters, when there is no stress, where the lines have been drawn and we know which side we’re on.

I have been blessed to visit many of those places in my life and have those moments. They are always in my memory now. Lying on the roof of my old farmhouse under the wide Saskatchewan sky when I was kid. A quaint Victorian house converted into a restaurant on Cape Breton Island. Camping under a mountain in the Rockies with my wife and our friends. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Tossing jellyfish back into the Atlantic Ocean with my kids. My Grandparents’ living room. Floating down the Peace River. Many others too.

Maybe for you it’s your cabin or your summer home or a resort or a park in another country or in your garden or when you fly your plane. Whatever and wherever though, it’s just a moment and really, an opportunity to whisper thanks.

And when I have those moments I feel as though maybe we can all know here on Earth what heaven could be like. Maybe it’s like floating on a ski lift with a warm winter breeze blowing, resting comfortably, feet dangling, just waiting to get to the top and then skiing off among the huge spruce trees and sliding through the icy sparkle as the sun sets. Maybe. Just close your eyes.

[Dedicated to Mitch's family.]


Keet said...

I hope that is exactly what heaven is like Stew. Every moment being those perfect moments. For you, for me, for Mitch, and for all the wonderful people who've gone ahead.
Thanks for this gentle and beautiful reminder.

Chelle said...

One of mine is laying on my bed next when Sull when he was ten months old. I remember sealing the moment in my mind in my cheap little apartment bedroom. His perfectly round little face and big round eyes looking at me in the grey light of the morning. Just us. It's a bubble where everything else falls away. These moments of deep clarity are such strong memories. Very precious.

t i m said...

The beautiful English countryside [away from city traffic, noise, pollution] is that place for me.

Anonymous said...

As I was saying to Bossy Betty earlier this weekend, I used to have these perfect moments and think that my life had changed and that going forward I would always feel just the same. Then I grew up and learned to cherish those moments. They are life changing but they are not permanent. I always have my eyes peeled for them and when I get one. Oh God, I hold on to it for all it is worth. I loved this post.

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