Friday, March 20, 2015

Remember Day

Do you recall
1.      When we all had VCRs?
2.      And the clock forever flashed?
3.      And “be kind rewind?”
4.      And remember fondue parties?
5.      And when phones were attached to the wall?
6.      Remember phone booths?
7.      And when we had a lock combination to memorize instead of twenty passwords?
8.      And we carried cash? And there were dollar bills?
9.      And we opened car windows with handles? And we opened car doors for women?
10.  And remember before air conditioning?
11.  Remember when cats weren’t famous on the Internet?
12.  Remember when it was A cloud and not THE cloud?
13.  Remember that noise fax machines made? Ditto dial-up internet?
14.  And lots of people wore shirts that said Bum Equipment or Just do it or Vote for Pedro?
15.  Remember Y2K?
16.  Remember when we didn't feel nervous being in an airport? And we didn't have to arrive three hours in advance? And bottled water wasn't an apparent weapon?
17.  Remember YOLO?
18.  Remember beanie-babies?
19.  And Polaroid cameras?
20.  Remember reading Harry Potter that first time?
21.  Remember playing outside?
22.  Remember climbing trees?
23.  Remember waiting for an hour in a car waiting for your parents to return?
24.  Remember buying cigarettes for your Dad?
25.  Remember when our parents were young? Our brothers? Our sisters? Our children? Remember when we were young?

Science say remembering one thing versus another is a by-product of reinforcement. One particularly effective memory reinforcer is emotion. In other words, if you felt it deeply, you’ll likely never forget it. These feelings may fade but they remain. Sometimes I think there should be a day just for remembering, a remembering day. Why not today? 


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, I remember all of these, dbs! "Be kind, rewind" -- hee hee, haven't thought of that in a dog's age!

Vinny C said...

I remember my VCR... Actually, I still have it (AND IT WORKS!). Coincidentally, due to a brief power outage on Monday, the clock is currently flashing.

Cindy said...

I'm assuming that's the Carrot River near our places. Remembering long detour bus rides when it flooded.

Al Penwasser said...

I remember ALL of them.
Unfortunately, I sometimes don't remember to put on pants.

dbs said... too, ME TOO.

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