Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dear Google,

I admit it. You are indeed an integral part of my everyday life. You support my research, my learning, my time-wastage, especially my amusement. But if you TRULY are the greatest search engine ever then...

What’s my name?
Chicken or egg? Prove it.
Are rhetorical questions unanswerable?
Why is it ok to eat cows and not giraffes?
Where did I leave my glasses?
Which lottery numbers should I choose this weekend?
Where exactly did my youth go?
Why can’t we all stop warring with each other?
What ISN’T the meaning of life?
What was the best thing BEFORE sliced bread?

Oh Google. Don’t get all upset. It’s not necessary that you know ALL the answers. Truth is, I’m just trying to prove a point. Despite all your knowledge, despite all your opinions, despite all your how-to’s, despite your ubiquitous power over us all, you can’t (and shouldn’t) think for us.

Let’s not forget that. Ok people?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I for one welcome our new Google overlord.

Anonymous said...

Dear DBS:
1: DBS
2. Egg. I asked Chicken, she told me.
3. No. People answer rhetorical questions all the time, causing the asker to say, "That was a rhetorical question.
4. It is. Australians would totally eat a giraffe. Spread on toast.
5. Wherever you last used them.
6. 2 5 6 25 35 42
7. Your kids sucked it out of you
8. Because God really is a man
9. Google
10. The wheel

I hope that helps. Would you like me to drive your car? Because I can totally do that.

CLR said...

Not a fan of Google. If i could manage the internet world without it, I would. Exploring my options now.

Jon Hunt said...

Let me check with Google.

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