Thursday, May 30, 2013

Not-so-Inner Skeleton

Posing for the camera.
I met a skeleton today. Literally.

Ever really think about that? Inside each of us is a skeleton. Just walking around. Getting the mail. Squeezing oranges. Holding the remote. Doodling. Pressing on the gas. Chewing its non-existent nails. Dancing.

Don’t be afraid but I’m 81% sure what I’m talking about here is pretty deep science. Let me explain. To begin, I should introduce my Jr. High Science teacher. One day, she stood in front of a group of typical young teens obsessed with themselves and each other and said the word “hypothesis.” And I actually heard her. She said something like, “Make a statement and prove it right or prove it wrong.” Most likely she outlined the entire scientific method but I remained hooked on that word. Hypothesis? Soon I was testing things, not scientific things necessarily but “life” things. Like interacting with girls and the speed limit for example. That concept challenged my comfort zone.

And that’s brings me closer to my point. I forgot about my skeleton for a while. I forgot. Seeing an actually skeleton again, talking with a physiotherapist about how bone and muscle work together, I felt my skeleton again and I began to feel different and I began to wonder. My hypothesis? I’ve been taking my skeleton for granted. And I think my skeleton is peeved.

Our skeletons are the reason we’re not blobs. Think about that. Imagine us without skeletons, flapping around morphing into fluidish shapes as we mow our lawns, like big amoebas with tattoos. Gravity would watch us on YouTube and snicker. So what am I saying? If I don’t prove I have a skeleton, I’m disproving it; therefore, I’m a blob. If I don’t prove I’m alive, I’m disproving it; therefore, I’m wasting time.

Three Steps:
1.      [State hypothesis.] What do I want to do now?
2.      [Prove it.] Take a step in that direction because it’s not too late.
3.      [Or disprove it.] Until it is. (Do you really want to be that guy?)


CLR said...

Fascinating! I like to think things like that. You are right - we take our skeletons for granted! We stand on the sidewalk, all upright and everything, completely confident in this without acknowledging what is responsible. Let's declare today, 'Appreciate our Skeleton Day!' Come on, give me a good ol' carpal high five!

Adam said...

That skeleton must of never gotten ahead in life

Antares Cryptos said...

I meet skeletons every day. Figuratively.

Laoch of Chicago said...

It is frightening when a hypothesis turns out be right.

Kerry said...

I'm not sure how you got from the skeleton to figuring out what you want to do next and taking the first step, but it seems to make a lot of sense all the same!

I want to start writing more before it's too late and my skeleton is all that's left.

Chelle said...

I think about this all the time. I also image what other people's skulls look like.

Weird eh?

Chelle said...


The Defiant Marshmallow said...

Gross! A skeleton…inside you?

Thankfully, marshmallows don't have those. I'm afraid of skeletons.


Michael Burrows said...

Too challenging for me. I choose to wimp out. (and think about it)

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