Tuesday, December 6, 2011


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I like this word.

Apparently, monomania is a psychological condition whereby an individual is fixated on a particular way of thinking, a delusional way of thinking

There's a French synonym for it: idée fixe.

I think that phrase summarizes it perfectly. 

Pathological examples apparently include seriously unhealthy fixations such as anorexia nervosa or de Clerambault's syndrome when psychiatric patients are absolutely convinced their doctors are in love with them or even people who are convinced that aliens leave messages on their voice mail (or maybe just being Donald Trump).

In a senseless way it sorta makes sense doesn't it? That is why I have formulated my own pea-brained theory about monomania: tragic patients, creepy stalkers and Roswell pilgrims aside, I believe everyone has a mild/moderate case of monomania.

Think about it. We probably all need to be a little more self-reflective and a little more critical of our perceptions and why we believe what we believe. 

I definitely do. My typical idée fixes include

1. Something I like to call "worst-case-scenario-izing."
2. That I strongly resemble Russell Crowe, or if I'm truly being honest, he resembles me.
3. I sometimes believe wholeheartedly that a clever turn of phrase in a film or TV show was actually, at some point, inspired by something I said.

De. Lu. Sion. Al. (But fun!)

What are yours?


karensomethingorother said...

well, maybe that returning idea that something bad is RIGHT around the corner and I'm DOOOOOMED. I'm tired of that one.

Or maybe that I have to have the best cup of coffee possible every morning or else the whole day is GARBAGE.

Hrm...stop making me analyze myself :)

Al Penwasser said...

So, that message really IS from the Republican Party?

Homemaker Man said...

That everyone suspects I'm fraudulent as a dad and that this post was about me. All your posts, actually.

Vinny C said...

That people secretly don't tell me that they don't like me. They all just pretend to like me because, for some reason, they still don't want to hurt my feelings.

What? What was that look about? Was it something I said?

Nicole said...

Vinny! We are clearly related. I fine it very hard to believe people are sincere when they compliment me. A cousin to Vinny's delusion.

j. littlejohn said...

Russel Crowe doesn't look like you. He looks like me.

PokerLawyer said...

I initially thought it said "moMomania", which is the delusional fixation parents get this time of year...the silly idea they're going to make it through the holidays, sanely. Your blog is not helping. ;)

Michael said...

I'm still learning mine. Some are so fundamental to my way of life that contemplating them as patterns that cause suffering scares the shit out of me.

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