Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sometimes. Sheesh.

Sometimes I leave notes for myself. Reminders.

And then forget about them.

Uh, I wonder what this one means?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

My guess would be "don't leave the house without them"?

Or perhaps "remember to get rid of evidence."

Anne said...

umm...were you going to pull either??

Antares Cryptos said...

Nightmare about a teratoma.

Spontaneous geek alert. Sorry.

Antares Cryptos said...

P.S. Keep meaning to thank you for the fist bump. *clap*

Al Penwasser said...

Cut one, brush the other...?

Laoch of Chicago said...


dbs said...

@Anne Nope.
@AC Whoa. Did you ever read Stephen King's "The Dark Half?" (And re: the first bump I say no, thank you.)
@AP That wasn't it.
@LoC I'm sure you're laughing "with me," right?

Windsmoke. said...

Have a haircut and brush your teeth or don't leave home without your wig or false teeth :-).

Alistair said...

Two very important things to look at when selecting a dog.

{Or a woman come to think of it}

{{Um not that I'm comparing women with dogs here folks!!!}}

Mel said...

Perhaps you were thinking about one way the police use to identify and/or DNA test bodies? Hopefully just as an educational thing...

Pickleope said...

Are you on a CSI team? Or do you go to combination barber/dentist?

Alittlesprite said...

Stuff you loose as you get older?

Chelle said...

Here is a reminder note: We will be in town on the 13th until mid Aug.

Cards? At yourguys house? I'll bring cake and or pie.

Yourguys is totally a word.

Brush your hair and teeth before we arrive please.

Vinny C said...

Maybe you decided to schedule time to worry about losing either/both.

Either that or you were making up a disguise & those were the parts you needed to go get.

Elly Lou said...

Things that never stop growing? Things you want to bleach? Things that clog the drain?

Antares Cryptos said...

No. Thank Yoouuu!

Yes, I did, even though I actually don't like horror.
Did you read Atwood's short story "Hairball"? (New Yorker, I think)Creepy and ugh.

Munk said...

@DSWS- You think like me. Scary.

dbs said...

@Windsmoke Ha!
@Alistair Uh oh. Good advice but I think you stepped over the line with that one. JK
@Mel Yup. Just for educational purposes.
@pickleope A barber dentist. It sounds efficient but creepy.
@sprite Ha! Good one.
@Chelle I'm sorry I didn't respond earlier. Late July or August though as we are away for a while. I promise to brush before you come.
@Vinny I'm thinking disguise...Austin Powers maybe?
@EllyLou Those sound like good blog post topics. Thanks.
@AC I think I know the story you're referring to. It might be in my favourite Atwood book: Good Bones. Check it out.
@DSWS Debra. Meet Munk. Munk. Meet Debra.

jono said...

Are they a firm of accountants you you use?

Hair, Teeth and Higgingbottom...Chartered Surveyors!

Kev D. said...

I put reminders for myself to sit down and write...

Thanks for checking up on me, I've been busy moving, and then vacation and then a big family event and essentially, my wife and I are just now settled into the new place.

I'm hoping to have something new up this week, and to not take such long breaks from now on.

Thanks for posting a reminder in my comments though :)

wendy said...

hair and teeth.....hmmmm
do you have hair in your teeth that needs flossing.

I can no longer leave ambiguous notes for myself.
I have to be specific now:
Got to grocery store: (main heading)
go to Produce Dept.
Get apples, make sure they are Granny Smith
Pay cashier
don't FORGET to pick up the apples you just paid for.
go home

see.........THAT makes quite a note

wendy said...

AND...I can't get this far behind on your blog cause all your writings are dang good.

Cheeseboy said...

Floss your hair and comb your teeth??

Claire Beynon said...

A new 'covers all bases' toiletry product?

The title of your next thriller?

A name for lampshade brocade?

Nicole said...

That's cryptic. I'm scared a bit. Someone hold me.

Teachinfourth said...

Crud...I need to go to the dentist. Thanks for the reminder.

Pearson Report said...

Either brush both or make appointments for both.

I've just taken a tour of your site and like it!
So...I'm now following!

I came here by way of Kev over at Core Contrarian!
Cheers, Jenny

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