Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weird Word-of-the-Day Wednesday (The Bitter Sunday Version)

     Yeah I know. It's not Wednesday. I'm just having a bitter Sunday moment. It happens sometimes (the weekend is almost over). Anyway, the word is inane (adjective): lacking meaning, significance, or a point.
     For example, I don't like those useless igoogle fish. It's creepy the way they swim toward your mouse begging for food. They're anemic. And sad. And starving. And what's cute about that? Someone feed those damn things. Seriously, how long can a guy watch starving fish and call it entertainment?! Yeesh.
     Hey. Maybe there's an app for this? A piranah app perhaps? (fiendish smile) Suddenly I'm better, not bitter.


dadwhowrites said...

'Meh'. I'm very into 'meh' at the moment. Especially when I'm writing job descriptions.

dbs said...

@dadwhowrites "Meh" is the new whatever.

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