Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jasper Avenue Moments

Recently I've been working temporarily in downtown Edmonton. Some thoughts:
  • I requested the cheapest room I could get in this hotel and so they gave me a wheelchair access room which is groovy but the seat in the shower freaks me out and makes me feel super old.
  • I hate cable TV especially channel 5 with its constantly scrolling TV guide that reveals only what's happening in one hour blocks. Annoy. Ing. Ness.
  • The paintball episode of Community is one of the funniest things I've watched in forever.
  • They sure smoke a lot on Mad Men.
  • Bride of Chucky is hilariously bad (as I mentioned, I hate cable TV).
  • I'm tired of TV. Can you tell?
  • What do crackheads do for a living? (Don't misjudge downtown Edmonton--I only saw two, maybe three.)
  • Jasper Avenue makes me :) especially when some Spanish dude on a bike asked me in broken English how to get to West Edmonton Mall.
  • Sobeys seems all hip and urban but it's really just a fancy IGA (but I still like their panini sandwiches).
  • There should be a reality show featuring people who clean windows on skyscrapers.
  • The women at my temporary job are hilarious: "What the fong?!" (Inside joke.)
  • Winston Churchill Square seems to be missing. (I looked everywhere.)
  • I want to go home.


Chelle said...

Sobey's isn't the swank grocery store in Ottawa, Loblaws is. I go there when I have fancy company.

Chelle said...

Also, I am thinking of dragging Neil & myself to you guys' house for coffee at some point this summer. Are you guys game? I could bring cake or something.

dbs said...

Chelle--we're game, and don't bring a thing.

Chelle said...

Excellent! I'll keep you posted!

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