Sunday, February 14, 2021

Fave Reads 2020

Late with my favourite reads again. Nbd. Lately, I'm not reading much for pleasure, fiction or nonfiction. Instead, I'm reading the sunlight as days here become longer and brighter. Also noticing that light Cohen sang aboutthe kind that gets in through the cracks in everything. This light too. Looking forward to another light this Spring (more on this later). I know there are still a lot of cracks in everything my friends, but the shittiest crack of all is no longer on social media and that's at least something. Anyway, someday I hope you will enjoy at least one of these. 

Will inspire you to examine
the story inside everything
and create your own stories. 

A recent widower and
his two sons wander in
the wake of grief: funny
and weird and wonderful. 

Orwell is more 
important than ever:
"I write it because
there is some lie
that I want to expose." 

It will quite deftly
punch you in the
confirmation bias.

Poetry has been a balm
during the pandemic.
Mary Oliver is the best
and all these "birds" 
invite us to pay
attention to what's 
outdoors & inside. 


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love the poetry of Mary Oliver too!

Sultan said...


Antares said...

There is still a feeling of surrealism. Patching up the crack he created in the western world

Antares said...

makes me feel like bloggers returning to their blogs: a group of meercats wondering if its safe yet.

Chickens Consigliere said...

Ha "The shittiest crack". Yup, cheers to that DBS

Mel said...

I’ve missed you! Thank you for the book recommendations. Funny since Covid I find it difficult to finish so much as a magazine, but I keep piling up books in the hopes I will find the devotion. Hope all is well in your world. A dear friend here in the states has a sick mother in Canada; it seems you all are handling precautions much better than us. Which has made her traveling home challenging but her worry for her mom somewhat less. Stay well.

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