Tuesday, July 2, 2024


(adj) foofaraw + awesome = appreciation heaped on what some might deem no big deal, but said deal totally does it for me

My examples?
1. random bagpipes
2. a really good orange
3. my chocolate-chip cookies (small cookies are stupid)
4. children's drawings
5. taking off my socks
6. my own bed
7. grandchildren grins
8. feeling healthy


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love hearing random bagpipes too! Like when someone somewhere is practising in their backyard or a nearby park or perhaps even the river valley, and I can hear them playing in the distance when I go outside.

Kathy G said...

You might be on to something.

Anvilcloud said...

Some of those things are pretty awesome, like flat caps for example. I'm iffy on the foofaraw part. 😇

Anonymous said...

A cat's purr. Phenomenal invention.

Anonymous said...

Code: simple things are awesome and easier to pronounce than foofoola (sound it out its my new word for the day)

Anonymous said...

37paddington: that’s a foofarawesome list! I’d say your value system is solid!

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