Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chelle's Contest

I missed Chelle's contest deadline. Bummer. There must be some other way I can win one of her amazing sock creations for my daughter! Anyway, for the backstory on that click here:
Featured below is one of my favourite ugliest objects. It was a gift and it's deceiving because at first it just seems odd. I mean what does a dog hope to see in a crystal ball? Missing homework perhaps?

But then, when you turn it around...

There's some sort of solar lighting panel "surgically" placed in its back. Egads. It's like an homage to animal experimentation, which is wrong and which is also sure to bite us all in the collective ass someday (no pun intended).


Chelle said...

That is stellar. No really. It reminds me of the resin old-man-face-in-a-tree that my ex mother in law tossed at me once as a belated bday gift- because she ordered it and then thought it was ugly- but hey I'm an artist, so I probably would like it. Because that's how it works being an artist.

It has since gone on to star in several gag gift exchanges. It's like ugly paying it forward. It's the thought that counts and I got a ton of enjoyment of it, so it wasn't a total bust. GET IT? BUST? Funny 'cause it was sort of a resin head. *cough*

One of these days I'll do another contest. I'm thinking of making a human heart, um, out of socks. Maybe I've gone too far?

t i m said...

‘The solar powered dog – no sun, no fun’

– a tagline for their sales pitch perhaps

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