Sunday, September 10, 2017

Things one should never outgrow:

Sometimes I recall so clearly the pull of lakes and rivers from my youth.

Looking into water is like that suspension of disbelief that occurs while watching a good film.

I have read that seeing water triggers our overstimulated brains to rest, and that swimming resets our circadian rhythms and restores healthy sleep patterns.

Water rages in many parts of the world today, but I am hoping that soon there is a rippling stream or a lake or even a pond in your life, some simple calm, some reflection.

Whether within it or not, water immerses us.

1 comment:

jenny_o said...

I grew up near a small river with many quiet pools and shallow areas with a gravel bottom, and that is the kind of water I most enjoy. As you said, simple calm. Now the ocean is another thing entirely! I am always a bit afraid of that much water.

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