Friday, February 6, 2015

Get out.

Leopards can’t change their spots, right? I mean, we all know that’s impossible, right? Plus it would be messy, right? Right. But wait a minute. Why can’t they?

Maybe leopards just don’t want to. But WHY not?  (What follows are several other pea-brained questions BUT I will tell you right now I am indeed not really talking about leopards at all if you catch my drift).  

Is it because being spotless might be a disadvantage?
Maybe the other leopards might not think you’re cool?
Is it because losing your spots might mean losing other things?
In other words, is fear keeping you spotty?
Can’t see the benefit of going spotless?
Maybe you like hanging out with Cheetahs? Dalmatians? Holsteins? Giraffes?
Is it a pride thing?
A control thing?
Is it something else?

Ok. I’ve annoyed you again, so here’s my point. Sort of. Leopards have spots because it’s great forest camouflage. Spots mean protection and protection means survival (at least in the short term). Plus, I bet all the other leopards think spots are hot. One problem though: get out of the forest.

Get out.

(Again, I am not talking about the real forest here.) The world needs you. So keep your spots if they are so necessary but don’t stay in the forest so long. If you remain in the forest you will remain in the forest. How will you ever see the wonderful rest of this world? And worse yet, how will you ever change it (or yourself) for the better? 

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