Monday, November 3, 2014

What They Said

About ten years ago, I asked my two kids this question: "what do you wish all parents understood better about what it's like being a kid?" This is what they said.

1. Stop taking things away as a punishment; send us to our rooms instead.
2. If you send us to our room to “think about what we’ve done wrong” it’s likely we aren’t actually thinking about what we’re supposed to be thinking about.
3. Don’t bother to tell us to “stop what we’re doing” (like jumping on the furniture) because we’re probably going to continue doing it when you leave the room.
4. There are things kids do that parents really shouldn’t know about like putting stuff on the ceiling fan and cranking it up to full speed just to see what happens.
5. We hide candy in our rooms.
6. Please don’t make us kiss you in public or try to give us a wedgie.
7. Don’t say things like “It’s time to go to bed” or “It’s time to do your homework” because as soon as a kid hears, “It’s time to [something]” they don’t want to hear it.
8. Please make our lunches for us.
9. We don’t usually want clothes for gifts; we want toys or money.
10. Don’t yell; it’s scary.
11. Please don’t ask “What did you learn at school today?”
12. We should have macaroni and cheese all the time.
13. Don’t ever stop saying I love you.
14. Give us three chances instead of one.
15. Play OUR games.
16. Let us be loud sometimes.
17. Trust us.
18. Give us more freedom sometimes.
19. Care for us and never leave us; always stay with us, especially when we’re sick.
20. No child’s life is complete without a trip to Disneyland
& Universal Studios,


Vinny C said...

In all honesty, I too would be curious about the results of the ceiling fan experiment.

psychelyn said...

Kids are funny. Love their logical innocence.

Michael D'Agostino said...

That's beautiful. But I think they can make their own sandwiches.

The Defiant Marshmallow said...

They never cease to amaze and surprise us.

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