Monday, July 28, 2014


“Nothing surprises me anymore.” We've all heard this statement. Maybe we've even used it to summarize something difficult to fathom. Just watch the news. Never-ending conflicts. Never-ending greed. Never-ending mixed-up priorities. A whole lot of stupidity. That sort of thing can turn a person into a cynic, a cynic who says things like “nothing surprises me anymore.” But be honest: is that really the truth?

A few days ago, my bee-keeper (don't you have one?) told me that one honeybee makes less than a teaspoon of honey in its entire lifetime. Mind = blown. Honestly, I’m still quite surprised by so many things:

1.      That someone is reading this.
2.      Pancakes; I’m always delightfully surprised when someone makes pancakes.
3.      Syrup: it’s basically tree barf, isn't it?
4.      How much food I can shove down my throat in one go.
5.      Inner strength. (It’s like we all have a surprisingly deep well somewhere when needed.)
6.      Acceptance.
7.      Forgiveness.
8.      Pure compassion.
9.      What people wear (or don’t wear) at the beach.
10.  The weather.
11.  How moving a beautiful voice can be.
12.  New words. Latest favourite: carpe noctem. (It’s Latin for “seize the night.”)
13.  Technology. I very nearly walked into the back of a truck while texting the other day.
14.  The things we all obsess about, like shoes or cars or bacon or emojis or whatever.
15.  How complicated coffee is now.
16.  How much I've accomplished in my life.
17.  How much I haven’t.
18.  Spiders.
19.  Hugs. (Definitely not spider hugs although that’s a surprise I can live without.)
20.  How just a few happy words can sometimes change the way everything feels.


Vinny C said...

Surprise! I always thought syrup was more like tree blood. Or is that sap? I suck at gardening.


On a side, surprise hugging me is never a good idea. It's awkward enough when I see it coming. It's possible I could inflict bodily harm if I'm caught off guard.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Remember that poor honeybee's LIFE WORK the next time you stir a teaspoon of honey into your tea, everyone!

CLR said...

This is so true...and important to remember to keep the element of surprise in your life or you risk becoming flat. I might need to take this as a challenge to look for the surprises daily. Thank you.

Chicken said...

Surprise! I'm reading you. Nice list. In yoga I think they call it "beginner mind". It's something to strive for.

Pickleope Von Pickleope said...

A spider surprise-hugged my chin with its fangs, that's the spider expressing love, right? Number 4 is a constant source of surprise and that is followed by a surprising amount of shame.

Jim said...

I guess it's our way of softening the blow when we just don't want to hear another 'thing' that surprises us.
Oh the life of the poor honeybee...all that work for a teaspoon!? That's just what they do.

Ken said...

That's a great list! Funny, my bee-keeper never mentioned that tidbit to me?

The Defiant Marshmallow said...

So if syrup is tree barf, and honey is bee barf...


Dude, you are obsessed with vomit. Just saying'.

Suze said...

5 = (pleasantly-surprised) lop-sided smile

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