Friday, July 4, 2014


Happy birthday USA.

As a Canadian I feel like I know you the same way I would know a step-brother who was already an adult when I was born plus you lived with your mother and became famous and now I just see you on TV.

I hope that doesn't sound negative. That is not my intention. There's a nearness and a farness about us. A nearness because I am fascinated with you and yet a farness because you scare me a little bit too.

I have been to Los Angeles, to Detroit, to Miami, a diverse triangle of climate and culture and all were great experiences. And I have so many favourite Americans, their influence immeasurable: ee cummings, Martin Luther King, Jr, Keith Haring, Ray Charles, Cormac McCarthy, Alfred Hitchcock, Maya Angelou, and so on. Be proud America.

But growing up next to you, it was Evel Knievel who really had my attention. During those formative years, I felt he personified the USA. And even now, with all due respect, I feel that if our countries were a game, we Canadians might be truth and you might be dare. And that makes me wonder, what will you do next?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Whatever the US does next, we have ringside seats!

Al Penwasser said...

When I hear people make fun of Canada, I like to remind them that the US tried to invade twice and failed. Good for you, eh?
Now can you take Celine Dion back?

Chicken said...

Thank you. One of my favorite post of your DBS. The best analogy-as an American, I couldn't agree more. You never offend. And you know far more of our history than I of yours-I had to look up this Terry Fox. What an inspiration.

Alistair Robertson said...

Typically simple yet profound my friend. You make blogging look easy yet at the same time more difficult for the rest of us.


{and I agree about the Celine Dion thing. Could I add Justin Bieber too. Once you have them back feel free to rescind passports and apply sedation to both}

CLR said...

Great post. Not offended at all. A great compliment actually.

I have to second Alistair's sentiment - mainly for the Biebs.

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