Sunday, November 10, 2013

Things that deserve the stink-eye:

defining clean.

The other day, I could hear the washing machine sloshing so I investigated to discover it seemed to be busy washing nothing. My first thought was typical: our washing machine is possessed. My second thought was that my wife forgot to put the clothes in before she started the cycle.

Intent on teasing her, I mentioned it the next day and before I could toy with her she explained that she was "washing the washing machine."


That's a thing? She confirmed it; I kid you not. But why would a washing machine need to be washed? And then my mind exploded like popcorn: how much wash would a washing machine wash if a washing machine could wash wash?

Thankfully I held inside this jibe (albeit a witty jibe) since I could tell by my wife's demeanor that there was nothing unusual in her mind about this practice of washing the washing machine and furthermore I should be thankful (and am thankful) that her way-too-high standards maintain a high level of germ-free-edness in our life together. I could have shared that "I suspect that this idea was created by the same people who invented wooden calendar frames and a variety of other useless products and practices," but I refrained and dare I say, I "washed my hands" of the whole thing. Sorry. Couldn't resist.

One last thing: I apologize if you indeed own a decorative wooden calendar frame. In all fairness, they are likely very, very useful especially in apocalyptic type situations where one needs emergency firewood.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Apparently this is a secret known only to women. It's a good idea to periodically run some CLR, vinegar or other cleanser through the washer to keep rust down so you don't get rust stains on your clothes (especially on whites). Once you get rust stains on clothes, you can't get them out.

Stephanie Clayton said...

I wash the washer after I wash my husband's work clothes. He works for a commercial radiator company and comes home with paint, solvent and other chemicals on his clothes. It may be silly, but I can't afford to get any of that crap on the rest of our clothes. Our daughter is 5 and we spend enough on clothes just keeping up with her growth spurts. I work in a corporate environment and my clothes, as frugal as we try to be, cost too much to replace frequently.
Your wife is a smart woman and I'll bet you have some wonderfully clean and fresh smelling clothes to wear.

Mel said...

Emergency firewood is essential. As is a clean washing machine. And, I suspect that you made the correct decision in keeping your rhyme (though it WAS amusing) to yourself.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Who knew that the washing machine should be washed? I wonder what other wealth of knowledge is out there waiting, unknowing to the fraternity of men.

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