Saturday, March 23, 2013


The "snow-labyrinth" near my house.

What makes you sit up and take notice? What’s your Pavlov’s dog-signal? What inspires a bee-line? What gets your spider-sense tingling? In other words, (and using another superhero metaphor), what’s your bat-signal?

According to my pea-brained research, these are some typical bat-signals (mostly in no particular order):

1.      Beauty.
2.      Sirens.
3.      Shadows.
4.      The Look.
5.      Wine.
6.      Burning.
7.      Dogs barking.
8.      Cruelty.
9.      Popcorn.
10.  Sautéed garlic and onions.
11.  Irritatingly unidentifiable noises.
12.  Nothing.
13.  Butterflies.
14.  Roses.
15.  Nachos.
16.  The Hockey Night in Canada song.
17.  A variety of other songs such as but not limited to various TV theme songs, “WYMC” and “The Chicken Dance.”
18.  Coffee.
19.  The ice cream truck.

But most of all?
20.  Barbeque.

Please Spring. Don’t abandon us. We. Need. Barbeque. 


Adam said...

I remember learning about Ivan Pavlov in psychology class

Al Penwasser said...

Pavlov...Pavlov. That rings a bell.
So why is my mouth watering?

Anonymous said...

"What's that, a mouse?"

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love the photo of the snow labyrinth!

CLR said...

That list could nearly be my list! I'm with you - I think we all need to call up spring and keep calling until she gets her warm, flowery hiney out here! Enough with the cold/snow/freezing wind, etc.

Ken said...

The sound of a notification on my cell phone. As terrible as that is.

I can see my barbecue. I can't get to it, but sometimes I look out the window, longingly, at it.

Vinny C said...

I always seem to notice when things are out of place faster than other people. Not to OCD proportions, but still it's difficult to surprise or trick me unless you're really good. Aside from that, your list & mine would look very similar

Michael Burrows said...


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