Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ever have...?

crap table

Ever have one of those days where you tell your wife, sure, no problem, go ahead and set up your craft/card-making table in my man-cave, but inside, a little part of you is dying?

Ever have one of those weekends where you decide to clean out a few closets and a few rooms and they film it for a show called Hoarders?

Ever have one of those years where you get a bank statement and it says you made a total of $1.38 interest on your savings account for the entire year?

Ever have one of those seconds where you blink and your kid seems taller than you are and you wonder where time went?

Ever have one of those coffee breaks where you think you had a really good nap but it was only like two minutes, and (awkwardness) it was during a meeting?

Ever have one of those weeks when none of the plug-ins in any of your bathrooms work and so you phone an electrician and after you explain you’ve tried that, and that, and that, he still says he can’t come and gives you a few tips on how to play with those electrical wires yourself and so you google it six different ways and then resign yourself to inevitable and imminent electrocution.

Ever have one of those 15 minutes you’ll never get back because someone pocket-dialed you from Oregon but you don’t know anyone from Oregon and so you let it go to voice mail and then you have to remember what your voice mail password is and then when you finally listen to your voice mail it’s all garbled talking but you listen to the very end anyway because there is the remote possibility that someone has been kidnapped and all these mumbles are actually clues and you might need to rescue the dialer and you could be their absolute last hope but the rational side (sliver) of your brain is reminding you that you probably watch way too much TV. 

Ever have one of those days when you wonder if you'll ever have one of those days that aren't one of those days?


Laoch of Chicago said...

Excellent post

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oregon? Telemarketer.

Alistair Robertson said...


{But I'm just being a smart-arse}

{Who should proof read before hitting publish}

Antares Cryptos said...

Ever had a year like that?
I have been receiving warning reminders that I owe 0.00. Yup.

Adam said...

that's why I no longer have a savings account

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