Saturday, May 5, 2012


Nothing says classy like eating your can of Vienna Sausage (Saucisse Viennoise), then finishing your last smoke followed by shoving your empty cigarette package in the can and throwing it out your truck window so that on the first weekend in May a volunteer, attempting with a group of other volunteers to beautify the community, can pick up your Top-Chef-immunity-challenge-type-garbage and throw in the trash for you. Nope. Nothing says classy like that.



Sub Radar (Mike) said...

Were there any sausage bits left over? I don't blame you if you had a nibble.

Alistair said...

What a gonad.

Him -not you!

wendy said...

ewwww...I hate those things.
and I can't stand it when people throw their trash out the windows.
I want to throat punch them.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Just be glad it wasn't a piss jug.

Angelina said...

There should be a law against that...oh, right there is. Where are the litter police when you need them.

Pickleope said...

Why is it so hard to take a half a second to show courtesy to the world around you? Some guy got angry with me the other day in my apartment complex because I asked him nicely (please and thank you's) to wipe down the stationary bike (the only one we have) after he used it. He reacted like I asked for naked pictures of his mom.
Was this an elaborate attempt for you to brag about your civic mindedness? Regardless, good on you for volunteering your time for this.

Michael said...

Bows to you for helping the cleanup.

Rubye Jack said...

Maybe it was a homeless person and that's where he had dinner? Except then how did he afford the cigarettes?
Silly me.

Teachinfourth said...

Wow, I bet you felt like you were a part of the 'in' crowd after that little discovery.

dbs said...

@DSWS Piss jug?!
@Pickleope It does sound a little like I'm bragging, doesn't it? Sorry.

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