Monday, August 22, 2011

Things that are most likely the devil:

Can't. Resist. Freakin. Cheezies.
the hotel "honour" snack bar in my room.

"For your convenience during your stay, we've provided an honour bar which will be replenished daily. Please present this form upon departure at the front desk. All items are $2 each... If charges are not posted prior to checkout, your credit card will be late charged. [Neener neener.]"



Nubian said...

Hospitality peeps love peeps like you.

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

"Here's some free stuff that we'll charge you for if you eat. Have a nice day!"

dbs said...

@Nubian You mean suckers? Yes they do.
@SR-Mike Paraphrased very very well.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Oh well, in these situations the only thing to do is just to eat them all. If necessary a second job is a small price to pay.

Windsmoke. said...

Heart attack munchies :-).

Alistair said...

Dear Guest,

We care about the environment.

This is why we use such poor quality toilet paper you will need to fold a minmum of four squares together before use instead of one.

It's nothing to do with cost. Honest.

We care about your stay.

Please feel free to use the restaurant or bars where our Eastern European staff will barely be able to communicate. They are diligent and good looking unlike the locals.

It's nothing to do with cost.

Dear Guest,

We value you and your property

Don't forget to pick up a token to exit the car park. Paying for parking to use our facilities is the last opportunity we have to charge you an exhorbitant rate for anything.

Please note we not liable for any damage incurred whilst parked maneuvering around our ludicrously tight parking facilities.

Your just a crap drivers.

Ryan said...

It's the minitures of whisky that kill me.

Pickleope said...

The worst part about the honor bar that's a very recent invention is the electronically monitored, motion sensor, laser protected honor bar that monitors if you even remove something from its spot and charges you assuming you're like me, eat things on impulse Saturday night then replace them on Sunday morning before you check out so you don't get charged. But now with all these sensors, you have to embark on an Ocean's 11-style scheme if you don't want to get charged $20 for a bag of mini bag of Cheetos.
(I'm selling this rant to Seinfeld, just add "What is the deal with..." to the beginning.)

Kev D. said...

There is no honour in charging two dollars for a Kit Kat.

I'd still pay it. I'd still eat it.

Elly Lou said...

That's why I never travel without a sleeve of pringles.

Unless there's an expense account involved. Then game on. Cashews just taste better when they cost $7.

karensomethingorother said...

nope. I'd put on blinders and not even look at it.

Vinny C said...

Gotta admit, their strategy is shrewd.

paulsifer42 said...

Come on man! It's for "your convenience." They're doing you a favor. A big fat, salty, lazy favor. They're not trying to make money off of your late night snacking, oh no, they are trying to do you a favor.

Antares Cryptos said...


Here's what you do: stealthily bring in your own junk food....

@Alistair, you really dislike the hospitality industry, don't you?

Munir said...

Cheese is good as long as you eat in moderation and as long as it does not have transe fat.
Chubby can be in style and should not make you worry.If one does not have any special needs that hinder them from eating right and exerciseing, chubby can stand strong.
As long as you eat high protein and high fiber and low fat and low sugar, the confident you will emerge even from the chubbiest you. Also to keep one's mind going staying away from the word diet and soda brings one a step closer to not only smart in looks but in brains as well. Consult with your doctor and tell me if I am wrong. Also once you start eating right you will feel like being active which in return will give you the benefit of good looks and tough stamina. So don't you think otherwise.

Sylar said...

nice post :P

DWei said...

Yeah, parents always warned me about those things. Overpriced and not worth it.

Karen Peterson said...

What hotels are you staying at where the stuff in the honor bar is only $2??

Claire Beynon said...

I think it should be renamed the Dishonor Bar - or the Dishonorable Bar.

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