Sunday, March 21, 2010

One Simple Powerful Word

Okay. I just did something I can’t believe I didn’t discover long ago. It feels really good. Seriously good. Anyone can do this. And it’s simple. And I want to share it. And that’s why I broke it down into ten easy steps.

1. Sit down at your computer.
2. Open a word file.
3. Put your head in your hands and think about all the things you have to do. Then write it down. Think of every single suck-the-life-out-of-you depressing thing you really do not want to do or deal with. All of it.
4. Make the list look professional. Use bullets or highlight certain items in colours.
5. Then prioritize the items.
6. Leave for a few moments, then return to add a few more items. Complete the list.
7. (At this point I had a momentary panic attack followed by a handful of chocolate chips which seemed to alleviate the pain but you can skip this step if you want.)
8. Take a deep breath; this is almost over.
9. Delete the least important items on the list followed by the important items followed by the really important items. Edit your list down to one item. Only one. ONE!
10. Delete that too. (If you can't laugh maniacally at this point an untroubled "tee hee" will suffice.)

It’s simple but genius. At least I think so and I highly recommend it.

And that brings me to my new mantra: delete. One simple powerful word: delete. Because when you think about it—how much of that stuff is truly important?


Chelle said...


t i m said...

can't disagree with that at all :)

Alyxmyself said...

The "asshole convention" comment on Benny's site brought me here. I just need to clarify that I would NEVER skip the chocolate chip step.
Also this is a genious plan. Except I'm gonna skip to the end and not do any of it. But I will suggest it to more neurotic, less evolved others who may need to complete the whole set of steps in this task to grasp its beauty, rather than the advanced maneuver of skipping to the end.

dbs said...

I like the way you think.

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