Who am I?

6 year old
scrunched-up smile
Point form pointlessness about me:

1. I live in Northern Alberta, Canada.
2. I live in the middle of nowhere, awesome nowhere.
3. (For a guy, I probably say awesome too much.)
4. I'm a dad. I'm a hubby. Not in that order but no judging.
5. I'm kinda hot for a fat-guy or maybe I'm kinda fat for a hot-guy.
6. I'm delusional.
7. I'm a writer.
8. I'm an educator.
9. I love teachers.
10. I love students.
11. I love learning.
12. I love books.
12. I love words.
12. (As you may have noticed, I'm not so in love with numbers.)
12. I love Art and music too.
13. I love Scottish strongman competitions. I hucked rocks for most of my youth. Repeatedly.
14. I am Scottish.
15. (This is stream of consciousness.)
16. I'm trying not to overthink it.
17. I overthink things. Hence the name of my blog.
18. I am an introvert (but I love people, especially from a distance).
19. Turkeys scare me. So do family reunions.
20. I love my wife & my daughter & my son but they scare me sometimes too.
21. I love the arts. (I tend to repeat myself.)
22. I am rarely late but I find it difficult to tell time.
23. I want to visit Scotland and Iceland. And Ireland. And England. And Newfoundland. And Norway. And Sweden. And Denmark. There's something about the North I crave.
24. Even though I'm from Saskatchewan, I love to ski. (Jasper, Alberta is one of my favourite places on Earth.)
25. I am better in writing than in real-life.
26. I always want to be more.
27. I try to see more than look.
28. (Are you still reading this?)
29. I don't understand arrogance. (Everyone poops, right?)
30. Humour binds us.

*To contact me, email think[dot]
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