Friday, April 1, 2022



Before our granddaughter was born, I asked my last Grade 9 class for advice on grandparenting. Their suggestions made me emotional and reminded me again how meaningful grandparents can be. As my granddaughter celebrates her first birthday, I wanted to share two of my favourites. I will say that my former students would be proud of me (except for the clothes...but my wife excelled at that one). Today I am grateful for youth, for my daughter and her husband, and for the opportunity to be Grandpops to one special girl


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Well, you know that old saying by grandparents -- "If I had known grandkids were so great, I'd have had them first!"

jenny_o said...

Your students had excellent advice. I love that you asked them for it. Happy Birthday to your special girl - and she will get even more interesting to be around in this, her second year. But then, you know that from having had your daughter! I think I like the two to four year stage the very best :)

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