Monday, December 28, 2015

Fave Reads 2015

Dumbledore said that he never had enough socks because people typically gave him books for Christmas. Not a bad problem to have. What were your favourite reads this year?

For creatives of any age, 
this storybook features an idea 
who wants to play. My pun is
only somewhat intentional
when I say it's quite ideological.

This refugee memoir speaks 
to the power of just a few
carefully-chosen words. 
I wonder what Canada's
newest immigrants will 
remember and write?

Another storybook, a bit dark some say.
Yet it inspires a dog and a rat to
think deeply about death and about
how to move forward. And it is sure
to open up conversations about things
we all struggle to verbalize.
Strange and sad and sick.
McCarthy's characters
are so many things at once
and never forgettable. 
Quick insights into human 
behaviour that inspire thinking 
and more importantly,

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