Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Power of Cookies

About 15 pounds ago, I learned how to make cookies. Last month I decided that if I ever wanted cookies again, I would have to learn the ancient secrets of cookie-making. Why? It’s my wife’s fault. She doesn’t bake anymore. Now before you label me sexist, in no way do I think baking is woman’s work. It’s just that she happened to be the one who made exceptional cookies, muffins, and other delicious what-have-you (or in my case “what-have-you-not”) and I miss all that stuff more than my adult(ish) children. Plus, she is into health and fitness and other mythologies that I struggle to accept.

So, after like two years of waiting for cookies to magically appear, I was struck with a novel thought that some might deem common sense, but not me: bake them yourself David. And so it began. My first batch was decent. But my second and third attempts were impressive and THEN NOW? Well, let’s just say there’s enough butter in my incredible soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies that after 13 minutes and 54 seconds in a 350-degree oven, they all melt into ONE GIANT COOKIE called insert-heavenly-music-here. Actually, I named them Cookie-Monster cookies because, ME LIKE COOKIE. Also, while eating them they fall apart in the same signature way that cookies get catapulted all-sorts-and-such when Cookie Monster unsuccessfully snarfs them down them because (SPOILER) Cookie Monster has no throat.

So then I started bragging to people about my cookies. Anyone with basic deductive skills likely knows what followed. PROVE IT they said. And so I did. And then I did again. And again. And then one more time. Finally, I realized they were manipulating me into making cookies. So I stopped. Then began the gentle inquiries attempting to deflect from the way they USED ME. For example, some asked, “Do you make other kinds of cookies?” My response: “What, like raisin? NO. Raisins don’t have the right flavour, and more importantly, vibe. Basically raisins are sad grapes. Cookies don’t need that kind of negativity.”

Whoa. When did I get so bitter? A sudden realization struck me, a cookiepiphany, if you will. Cookies are more than the sum of their ingredients. They bring people together. They could end global conflict. Therefore, I must make more. AND I must share them. AND SO MUST YOU. Right?


Mel said...

I find baking therapeutic and when I'm feeling overwhelmed will often neglect chose I. Order to create time for it. That being said, yes, one must always share with many because, at least in my case, joy of baking + total lack of self control = tummy ache unless divided through sharing!

jenny_o said...

"... she is into health and fitness and other mythologies that I struggle to accept" LOL!

Baking must be shared here because otherwise I eat too much of it and so does my husband. Neither of us needs it!

Pearson Report said...

Okay... there should be a warning included with this post - "serious saliva malfunctioning will occur" because I now find myself in a bad way.... like, you know, between chocolate and ginger... loyalties are being shattered, well, at least tested.

So, the only sane, and sensible, thing to do... bake me a batch of both and stop the in-fighting. Ahhh... I can smell them in the oven, and yes, I've insanely put both batches on the same sheet. I'm going to cookie heaven.

I rest in peace after reading this piece.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey, there's a lot worse things you can be known for than being the Cookie Man. You've found your calling in Life. Pursue it. And mail me a dozen or so down to Edmonchuk here, willya?

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