Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sometimes & Something

Sometimes the absolute best thing is a movie. No question. Add popcorn and lots of butter. And a blanket, a pillow, chips, some chocolate. Or in a theatre with a crowd, each and all fixated, the light flickering in our eyes. Sometimes it’s all a person really needs to feel whole again.

So Hollywood! Stop making the same bad movie again and again. Sure, what makes movies great is very subjective and yet I believe that a truly great, unforgettable movie must contain at least ten of the following things:

1.       a surprise
2.       some kissing
3.       a character with lots of good and a little bad too, a character to like and an unlikeable character (and sometimes maybe they switch places)
4.       a laugh out loud moment or a moment that breaks your heart (or both)
5.       something one’s eyes want to hang on to
6.       somewhere and something lovely and somewhere and something loathly
7.       something on fire (but not necessarily any smoke)
8.       something simple, something complex
9.       something to feed or stretch or snap the imagination
10.   some music and sound effects and special effects and when and only when it’s really needed: some silence.
11.   someone’s eyes yelling and someone’s eyes whispering
12.   something to absorb and something to reject
13.   something uncomfortable
14.   someone so so so determined to fix what or whom is broken
15.   something shocking, something soothing (shivers and thumps)
16.   sincerity, honesty, vulnerability
17.   an advance and a retreat, an attack and a surrender
18.   a quotable quote
19.   something that doesn’t belong, something not seen before
20.   a cow but only if there’s a twister too (aka something impossible to forget)
21.   something to think about when it’s over
22.   something to talk about afterwards
23.   a mirror
24.   a mistake…

But mostly,
      25. an unforgettable movie must have a partner to share it with. 


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You know what makes a good movie!

Vinny C said...

Agreed. I'll just hop on my soapbox for a sec just to say that those the really big-budget blockbusters really need to rely more on good storytelling & not so much on the sensory overload of special effects.

Homemaker Man said...

S'a really good list, although I don't know If I want Hollywood supplying my movie watching partner. End up with Katherine Heigl.

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