Tuesday, July 28, 2015

All of the above.

I'm pretty sure the dust bunny my wife and I found under the dresser in our bedroom

a. was mere weeks away from sprouting legs.
b. has something to do with Donald Trump.
c. is the same shape as Pluto's heart! Aww. (aka pareidolia).
d. needs a coffee, STAT.


Mel said...

For all of these reasons, I'm pretty sure this thing would fetch a pretty penny on Ebay!!

Vinny C said...

I think I saw a video once where a guy saw a ball of fuzz which looked similar to that in the back of his pickup... Only, when he poked it, it turned out to be hundreds (maybe even thousands?) of really tiny spiders. If you haven't yet, just don't poke it. Okay?

Pearson Report said...

First up… cool new threads you're sporting here - love the layout and setup! Very easy on the eyes. (well, my one good one anyway - which appreciates the effort)

As to what you found under your bed… man, those things are best left under the bed, or in the closet, or wherever they crawled out of. Just sayin'!

I'm guessing answer b was the right one. My question is how did Donald Trump's chest hair get under your bed? Hmmm… someone's got a little explaining to do… I'm waiting…

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