Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Because waffles.

Forget about lemons and lemonade. Sometimes life just feels like one big old greasy bowl of Sunday morning goop. What’s a person to do about that? I say make waffles.

Waffles just might be the secret to everything. Think about it.

1.      Got too much syrup? Waffles.
2.      Pants too tight? One waffle.
3.      Did your flu shot needle hurt? Prescription: waffles.
4.      Did you miss out on cyber Monday because you didn't even know there was a cyber Monday? (Me too.) No worries: waffles.
5.      Long, long day? Waffles. Or better yet: Irish Cream waffles.
6.      Someone used yet another acronym you don’t know? IDK, waffles.
7.      Table with one leg shorter than the rest? Pancake.
8.      Your best tweet ever is a couple of characters over the 140 limit? Waffl.
9.      Your dishwasher has been inoperable for over a month? Waffles on paper plates.
10.  Bite your cheek? Cream cheese waffles.
11.  Your team loses yet again? Waffles and bacon.
12.  Upset stomach? Gluten-free waffles.
13.  Struggle with math? Mini-waffles plus one knife plus one infinite imagination.
14.  What to cook that annoying someone who consistently flip-flops depending on the topic and/or who’s present? With a wry smile, serve waffles.
15.  Nothing to make for supper? Pretty much that IS the universal signal for waffles.

And finally an inspirational quote, by me, “Keep calm because waffles.”


Vinny C said...

16. Reading a post about waffles & suddenly feeling hungry? Waffles!

I think I follow your reasoning perfectly.

Also, No. 8 - HA! Almost missed that one.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

You don't have to convince me -- I love waffles!

Ken said...

You may have stumbled onto the recipe for world peace.

Waffles for the win! WFTW! (is that a thing?)

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