Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weird Word-of-the-Day Wednesday

Actually, it's not that weird, it just looks weird: "ceilidh," pronounced "kay-lay." Apparently, it's Scottish Gaelic for a "visit, informal social gathering, get-together, dance or party."

Cheers to many ceilidhs in your future and mine, kilts not necessarily required. However, wearing a kilt is on my bucket list; I hope to convince my son that we should wear them at his wedding one day to show our proud Scottish heritage. Did I mention his name is Mackenzie, which apparently means "son of the wise, great ruler?" It was my wife's name-choice. Honest. ;)


Laoch of Chicago said...

When I was a kid and living in Ireland in 1969 it was not uncommon in the small town that I was in for them to have a ceildh. What it involved at that time was neighbors would come to your house bringing musical instruments (no one had TV at that time or even phones) and together they would make music. There would be drinking and often lite eating and later fist fighting.

dbs said...

Thanks for the inside information. LOL!

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