Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Spring Smell?

Ah yes, it’s about time! What time is it? Despite the continued risk of snow in northern Alberta, April means it's officially barbeque season again. Just follow these steps.

1. Marinate meat.
2. Chop veggies.
3. Place items in tinfoil.
4. Add butter to everything.
5. Add more butter.
6. Check the clock to coincide food with the guests’ arrival.
7. Clean up the kitchen. Set the table.
8. Light barbeque.
9. Place drink mugs in the freezer.
10. Place meat on the barbeque and hear that satisfying sizzzzzzzzzzle.
11. Season food with special secret recipe blend of herbs and spices that guests always remark about (the secret is actually more butter).
12. Place tin foil packs on the grill too.
13. Spread special secret recipe barbeque sauce (the secret is lots of butter).
14. Smile with slight arrogance at own cleverness.
15. Close the lid.
16. Wait for perfection.
17. Let everything get smoky.
18. Greet guests.
19. Serve drinks in frozen mugs.
20. Enjoy the late afternoon warm sun (or hike up the furnace).
21. Feel all squishy inside with happiness.
22. Excuse yourself for just a moment to evaluate food's readiness.
23. Open lid.
24. Go downtown to buy more propane.
25. Pray that resuming cooking as quickly as possible will destroy potential food-borne pathogens.

As yes, the joys of barbeque season. Melted siding is optional.


Chelle said...

Butter is the key to happiness. That and tapas and mojitos.

Look forward to staking T's Disney pics on the foozebook. Hope you guys had a great time!

t i m said...

snow in april? yikes

we had a sunny weekend in manachester, when usually it rains... almost throughout the year

Treena said...

mmm! Butter...what time did you say supper was?

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